Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List – The Best Weapons [Full Guide]

In this article we will talk about Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List. Capcom’s Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List, destined to praise its long term commemoration, is as yet a vivacious center for players around the world. Regardless of whether playing alone, with companions, or outsiders over the Internet, the game’s difficult expectation to absorb information and wide assortment of accessible play styles makes certain to make a long and prosperous vocation for any tracker investigating the intricate details of the universe of Astera.

Most players will adhere to weapons that oblige their way of chasing, while others may dominate a couple to praise their partners in group chases. Really elusive the best stuff, these contemplations are fundamental for the individuals who need to become extraordinary players or sharpen their abilities. In both agreeable and solo play, each Pokémon Masters Tier List has its good and bad times for each circumstance.

It’s been right around a long time since the dispatch of Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List, the most recent title in Capcom’s long-running activity RPG arrangement. Following the exemplary arrangement’s equation, Monster Hunter World has players take on progressively perilous monsters as they investigate a peculiar unfamiliar land.

There are fourteen distinctive weapon types in Monster Hunter World, and now and then the player base will meet up to decide on the rankings of the each kind of weapon. In this Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List, we’ll be giving you said rankings, specifying the aftereffects of the most recent public decision on monster hunter world weapon tree in Capcom’s tremendous game.

Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List Guide

We’re not completely sure what the timetable is for taking the weapon level study for MHW, however it appears to generally connect to new fixes for the game. Just beneath, we’ll be uncovering the weapon level rundown for Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List, which be accept are the most recent at the hour of composing.

Solo Weapon Tier List:

  • Level SSS – Dual Blades, Light Bowgun, Long Sword
  • Level SS – Charge Blade, Great Sword, Switch Ax, Heavy Bowgun
  • Stage S – Lance, Gunlance, Bow
  • Level A – Hammer, Insect Glaive, Sword and Shield
  • Level B – Hunting Horn

Co-Op Weapon Tier List:

  • Level SSS – Long Sword, Dual Blades, Bow
  • Level SS – Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Charge Blade, Insect Glaive
  • Stage S – Hammer, Gunlance, Switch Ax, Great Sword
  • Level A – Lance, Hunting Horn
  • Level B – Sword and Shield

What’s more, the writing is on the wall, this is the most recent rundown of weapons in Monster Hunter World, positioned by the local area themselves. It bodes well that the Hunting Horn would be the most minimal positioned weapon for solo play, and the Long Sword merits its situation on the rankings for the two classes.

It’s additionally fairly astonishing that the Insect Glaive isn’t appraised higher for solo play, given that it tends to be utilized to handily evade a beast’s assaults and mount the beast simultaneously. The Hammer could likewise be appraised somewhat higher, given its staggering charge assault capacities, and the way that it can daze practically any beast in the game on the off chance that you land a charge assault to the top of the beast.

What’s the best weapon in Monster Hunter World?

Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List

Beast Hunter World doesn’t highlight any all-new sorts of weapon, however a considerable lot of its weapons have been changed constantly in critical manners when contrasted with the past games in the arrangement. There are 14 sorts of weapon in the game aggregate, and keeping in mind that you’ll experience various renditions of every weapon type with different details and essential affinities their center highlights, combos and controls will be imparted to different weapons of a similar kind.

Remember that there’s not as much use in basically staying with one weapon constantly. You should switch between a portion of the 14 classes of weapon relying upon your own inclination as well as the idea of the beast you’re as of now chasing or your group make-up when heading into a community online chase – and online center is essential for later journeys.

At first, Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List will permit you to produce iron or metal forms of each and every one of the weapon types, yet as you kill beasts and get more helpful plunder you’ll have the option to turn those drops, compensates and cuts into more valuable new sorts of weapon and covering, or update your current pack. Everything thing you can manage in the beginning phases of Monster Hunter World is analyze.

In your room in Astera you’ll have the option to get to the weapon preparing room by addressing your maid Palico – check every weapon out and see what feels right. Some will be more about managing out crude harm while others will be more specialized, with the weapons that have a higher obstruction to passage on their utilization normally being at last really fulfilling – however we’ll get into that somewhat more later on in this page.

Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide: all 14 weapon classes explained

Alright, so – Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List has 14 weapon types, every one of them completely extraordinary. Yet, which is best for you? Indeed, you’ve perused the level rundown and weapon positioning, yet now it’s an ideal opportunity to consider which weapon is in reality best for you. The following we will run down every weapon type in a fundamental, straightforward way – simply rattling off certain upsides and downsides and abilities of every weapon type. So… how about we do precisely that.

Sword & Shield

  • Very amateur agreeable
  • You can hinder assaults, and even use things while obstructing
  • Fast Attacks and great versatility for avoidance
  • Low harm yield
  • Gatekeeper is more vulnerable than with heavier weapons that have it

Great Sword

Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List

  • A solid elective beginning stage for newbies, and a notorious Monster Hunter weapon
  • High harm for each hit you land, and when charged the most elevated harm yield in the game
  • Enormous size of the blade permits you to impede with it
  • Long reach
  • Charge assaults can make beasts stagger and fall over
  • Moderate and hard to evade with
  • Charge assaults leave you helpless while charging or in the event that they whiff

Dual Blades

  • Staggering pace that takes into account quick assaults and avoiding adversary assaults easily
  • Devil mode takes into account extremely successful, high-harm combos – and surprisingly outside evil presence mode, combos are amazing
  • Component and status impacts are normal on large numbers of these edges
  • Without combos, low harm yield
  • Short reach
  • No obstructing choices

Long Sword

  • A decent equilibrium of harm, portability and speed
  • Good reach on your assaults
  • Appropriate utilization of the Spirit Blade can make you significantly more remarkable the more extended a battle runs
  • No square capacity – avoid as it were
  • Its assaults are mistaken and clearing in nature


  • Quite possibly the most adjusted weapons in Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List, a strong handyman
  • Joint most grounded obstructing capacity in the game, and ready to counter assault rapidly
  • Great assault power and brilliant reach for skirmish
  • Sluggish, making evading troublesome – you’ll require that shield


Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List

  • Like the spear, however exchanges a portion of that balance for a higher harm yield
  • Magnificent reach and versatility for an amazing weapon
  • Shells are incredible for abusing explicit beast flimsy parts, and shell harm is unlockable
  • Like the Lance, evading so lethargic you’ll require that shield
  • Sharpness break down immediately when utilizing shell assaults

Switch Axe

  • Hard to dominate on account of micromanagement, yet profoundly compensating once dominated
  • Simple to-chain combos, however by and large complex because of its changing nature
  • Changes between predominant reach and portability in hatchet structure to harm managing in sword structure
  • Phials can add extra buffs and impacts to it
  • No Guarding
  • Low versatility in blade mode

Charge Blade

  • An extraordinary progressed alternative – an ideal graduation from the Sword and Shield once you’re agreeable
  • Convoluted to utilize however exceptionally adaptable
  • Hatchet structure has some extraordinary harm yield openings
  • Phials can be utilized with the two structures to add additional buffs
  • Performing combos wrong or failing to remember the complex moveset could demonstrate exorbitant rapidly


Monster Hunter World Weapon Tier List

  • Hard hitting with a high crude assault detail, and charged assaults are all the more remarkable still
  • You can run in any event, when this weapon is out
  • The sledge’s dull assaults get an opportunity to KO beasts all the more without any problem.
  • Drowsy to utilize because of its weight, so timing is consistently basic
  • Short reach

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