Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List | Best Characters Ranked

Dragalia Lost stands apart today as one of the most outstanding allowed to-play gacha games in the versatile scene. Like different games in the class, you’ll gather a few units Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List to construct your party and help you in fight.

You can get these units by haphazardly gathering them utilizing genuine or in-game money. Players who need a more purposeful way to deal with party structure should consider nuanced detail developments and abilities for their ideal group.

The Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List beneath is made by local area casting a ballot and is the aggregate normal rankings from 69 submitted tier lists. All together for your positioning to be incorporated, you should be signed in and distribute the list to the website (not just downloading the tier list picture).

Dragalia Lost is a lovely activity RPG with gacha components, cool characters, and mythical beasts that are amazingly incredible as well as actually rather charming. Street Fighter V Tier List off chance that you have been keeping watch for a versatile game with a profound story and energetic world, this is the best title for you.

As you would anticipate from a gacha game, its program of characters is huge. In this way, we’ve made a Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List to assist you with choosing what characters you should utilize. In case you’re pristine to the game and have gotten a couple of D-rank characters, you can likewise discover directions on the most proficient method to reroll beneath.

What The Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List Mean

S Tier

You’ll see adventurers in this tier in pretty much every player’s program since they are unbelievably incredible. These Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List units structure the game’s current meta — which means having a modest bunch of these adventurers will without a doubt make end game substance simpler.

  • Ezelith
  • Celebration Leonidas
  • Celebration Mym
  • Halloween Lowen
  • Marth
  • Celebration Elisanne
  • Karina
  • Lapis
  • Mitsuba
  • Summer Celliera
  • Xander

A Tier

Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, these adventurers are incredible also. What bars them from S-tier status, nonetheless, is the absence of adaptability and utility outside of still up in the air jobs. While S-tier units can dominate in each structure you put them in, A-tiers are just amazingly acceptable in the job they’re at first expected for.

  • Shielded Yachiyo
  • Emma
  • Euden
  • Gala Laxi
  • Halloween Mym
  • Mikoto
  • Naveed
  • Nobunaga
  • Panther
  • Seimei
  • Valentine’s Hildegarde
  • Yukata Cassandra
  • Elisanne
  • Humanoid Mercury
  • Hunter Sarisse
  • Jiang Ziya
  • Laranoa
  • Lazry
  • Lily
  • Pipple
  • Tiki
  • Xainfried
  • Yoshitsune

B Tier

These adventurers are okay. They Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List will not blow you away on any piece of interactivity, however there’s still worth in reinforcing them. However, hope to invest a smidgen more energy and in-game assets to make these units practical for the end game.

  • Chelsea
  • Chrom
  • Faris
  • Karl
  • Kimono Elisanne
  • Nadine
  • Ramona
  • Rena
  • Serena
  • Student Maribelle
  • Verica
  • Xania
  • Catherine
  • Eugene
  • Finni
  • Fjorm
  • Halloween Akasha
  • Nurse Aeleen
  • Orsem
  • Pinon
  • Summer Julietta
  • Valerio
  • Yurius

C Tier

Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List

You can utilize these units all through the game, yet just until you track down some better ones. With three tiers of adventurers over these, there are something else, far superior choices out there.

  • Alain
  • Aoi
  • Gala Sarisse
  • Hunter Berserker
  • Incognito Nefaria
  • Joe
  • Kuzunoha
  • Laxi
  • Lea
  • Mega Man
  • Renelle
  • Sinoa
  • Valentine’s Ezelith
  • Valentine’s Orion
  • Vanessa
  • Xuan Zang
  • Yuya
  • Celliera
  • Dragonyule Cleo
  • Dragonyule Xander
  • Forager Cleo
  • Gauld
  • Halloween Odetta
  • Jakob
  • Jurota
  • Luther
  • Renee
  • Rex
  • Ricardt
  • Summer Estelle
  • Thaniel
  • Zardin

D Tier

Just a critical buff will make these units useable in the game. The Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List way things are at the present time, these units have glaring blemishes with no real way to recover them.

  • Aurien
  • Marty
  • Melsa
  • Yue
  • Cibella
  • Dragonyule Nefaria
  • Pietro
  • Waike


Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List is viewed as one of the most outstanding allowed to-play or freemium portable games on the lookout. Designer Cygames and distributer Nintendo have made an Action JRPG that offers a successful blend of story and gacha components that permits it to overshadow the opposition.

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