Find Out How To Break Cracked Rocks In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

One such challenge involves breaking cracked rocks to reveal stowed away insider facts, collectibles, and new paths. This guide will dive into various strategies and techniques to break these obstinate obstacles, including fusing to create a demolishing weapon, utilizing bomb blossoms, and harnessing the power of the Sage of Fire. By mastering these procedures, you’ll uncover stowed away treasures and open additional opportunities in TotK.

How To Break Cracked Rocks In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Fusing to Create a Demolishing Weapon:

Cracked rocks can be formidable barriers, yet with the right hardware, you can easily conquer them. One compelling strategy involves fusing things to create a powerful weapon capable of shattering even the sturdiest of rocks. Here is a bit by bit guide on the most proficient method to accomplish this:

Distinguish the necessary things: Search for explicit things or assets within the game world that can be combined to create a demolishing weapon. These things could include a solid hammer, a magical pearl, or a rare material.

Acquire the necessary materials: Investigate prisons, complete missions, or engage in side activities to gather the expected materials for the combination cycle. These materials may be concealed in chests, dropped by defeated foes, or rewarded for completing explicit challenges.

Locate a combination master: Search out NPCs or characters within the game world who have the information and abilities to meld things. These specialists may be tracked down in specialized shops, secret locations, or within certain story-driven missions.

Initiate the combination cycle: Interact with the combination master and follow the on-screen prompts to initiate the combination cycle. Select the ideal things to be intertwined and affirm the combination.

Test your recently created weapon: When the combination is finished, prepare the recently created demolishing weapon and approach cracked rocks. Utilize the weapon’s one of a kind abilities to break them apart and reveal stowed away areas, treasures, or easy routes.

Utilizing Bomb Blossoms to Obliterate Rocks:

In the vast expanse of TotK, bomb roses are nature’s dangerous gift to adventurers. These volatile plants can be used as powerful tools for breaking cracked rocks. Here is an aide on using bomb blossoms really:

Spotting bomb blossom patches: While exploring TotK, watch out for patches of bomb blossoms. These vibrant and distinctive plants are often tracked down near rough areas or within prisons.

Approach with caution: Bomb blossoms are profoundly hazardous, so practice caution while interacting with them. Avoid striking or jostling them, as they can detonate and cause damage.

Picking up bomb blossoms: Approach a bomb bloom patch and carefully interact with a completely developed bomb blossom. Link, the protagonist, will get it, allowing you to involve it as a dangerous tool.

Throwing bomb blossoms: Aim your toss by adjusting Link’s heading. Be mindful of the trajectory and distance to guarantee accurate placement. Recollect that bomb blossoms have a restricted clock before they detonate.

Breaking cracked rocks: Stand at a safe distance and toss the bomb bloom towards the cracked stone. The blast will shatter the obstacle, granting you access to stowed away areas, treasures, or alternate routes.

Breaking Cracked Rocks Using the Sage of Fire Power:

As you progress through TotK, you’ll experience strong sages, each possessing special elemental powers. The Sage of Fire is particularly adept at breaking cracked rocks using their blazing abilities. This is the way you can harness their power:

Embark on the journey: Engage in the main storyline or seek after unambiguous side missions that lead you to the Sage of Fire. Follow the pieces of information, interact with NPCs, and unravel the secrets surrounding their whereabouts.

Earn the Sage’s favor: To harness the power of the Sage of Fire, you should substantiate yourself commendable. Complete trials, address confuses, or satisfy journeys assigned by the sage. Demonstrate your determination and expertise to gain their trust.

Learn the Fire spell: After earning the Sage’s favor, they will impart their insight and teach you the sacred Fire spell. Master the expected procedures and motions to channel the flames really.

Approach cracked rocks: Locate the cracked rocks obstructing your path. They may be tracked down in prisons, far off areas, or within intricate mazes. The Sage’s fire power is particularly compelling against these obstacles.

Cast the Fire spell: Center your energy and invoke the Fire spell. Direct the flames towards the cracked stone, allowing the intense heat to fracture the obstacle, granting you access to stowed away mysteries and treasures.

How To Break Cracked Rocks In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom


In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, breaking cracked rocks is an essential ability to investigate stowed away areas and uncover valuable rewards. By utilizing various procedures, for example, fusing to create a demolishing weapon, utilizing bomb blossoms strategically, and harnessing the power of the Sage of Fire, you’ll defeat these obstacles and uncover the mysteries that lie past.

Make sure to approach these challenges with patience and careful observation. Investigate the universe of TotK completely, interact with its inhabitants, and embark on missions to find new tools and abilities that will aid you in your stone breaking endeavors.

Thus, furnish yourself with the information and abilities shared in this aide, and let the sound of shattered rocks be the herald of your victory in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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