How to Resolve Corsair Harpoon Double Click Issue

Customary wired mice are truly powerless against gaming as they get harmed because of successive clicking. Proficient gamers and game sweethearts like to utilize a mouse that can endure clicking pressure. The Resolve Corsair Harpoon Double Click Issue is quite possibly of the most famous name in the gaming mouse. This is quite possibly of the most agreeable mouse and is lightweight. It is truly tough and durable in its working.

At times, gamers experienced double clicking issues while utilizing a corsair harpoon mouse. In this issue, the mouse goes through Stop Firefox From Opening New Tabs When Clicking a Link all alone without the client’s contribution which ruins the entire gaming experience. This article will examine fundamental reasons, arrangements, and investigating in addressing this issue to make your game continuous.

Corsair Mice are renowned for playing computer games on our desktops and laptops. It offers different buttons that assistance in playing the games with no requirement for consoles. Be that as it may, the issue here is it double-clicks the mouse buttons even without our intercession. With this issue, the whole interactivity or our works will totally destroy.

However it is a generally happening and basic issue, we want to fix it at the earliest opportunity. That is the reason we got you up with those investigating techniques that can fix the Resolve Corsair Harpoon Double Click.

How to Resolve Corsair Harpoon Double Click Issue

Prior to continuing with the arrangement, you should know the reason behind it. Following are a portion of the significant causes:

1. Drivers

The drivers of the Resolve Corsair Harpoon Double Click may be lapsed, which prompts the double-clicking issue.

2. Establishment of Update

On the off chance that you neglect to introduce the new firmware refreshes, it can likewise be a justification for this double click issue.

3. Framework Issues

In some cases, the USB port becomes harmed in your framework and can’t as expected capability, bringing about a double-clicking issue. Likewise, different applications behind the scenes might collaborate with the mouse usefulness and cause a double-clicking issue.

4. Associated Peripherals

Now and again you associate it with some unacceptable port, prompting this issue. Continuously interface it with a USB 3.0 port. Likewise, the expansion of fringe gadgets like a joystick to your framework might cause the ascent of this issue.

How to Diagnose the Double-Clicking Issue in Corsair Harpoon?

Resolve Corsair Harpoon Double Click Issue

Various techniques will assist you with tracking down the explanation for the issue and its Resolve Corsair Harpoon Double Click. Attempt them individually till you track down the issue.

1. Run a Double Clicking Test

However, it is a noticeable issue, yet, to affirm the issue’s presence, attempt a double clicking test for 100 percent affirmation.

2. Interface the Mouse to Another Port

Now and again your ports become non-utilitarian with time, because of which the mouse doesn’t work as indicated by gaming needs. Associating your mouse with each port in this case is better. Assuming that the issue is tackled, it implies one of your ports is broken. On the off chance that the issue doesn’t settle, then, at that point, attempt the following strategy.

3. Interface Mouse with Other Systems

Assuming the issue continues to happen, associate the mouse with one more framework to really look at its working. This will assist you with diagnosing the main driver issue, whether the issue is with the mouse or your framework making it double click.

4. Interface with USB 3.0 Ports

In the event that you interface the mouse with a USB 3.0 port, your concern of double-clicking can be settled. It is accounted for by the experience of numerous clients that association of any equipment to 3.0 ports prompts legitimate working with no interferences.


To be sure, Resolve Corsair Harpoon Double Click is best for gaming in all perspectives however now and then begin doing double clicking with next to no such order. The double-clicking issue can be managed in a strategies examined previously. You can contact customer administration backing to address your issue, or on the other hand on the off chance that the issue supports after each arrangement and your mouse has guarantee time left, then, at that point, supplant the mouse.

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