[Learn] How to Tame and Breed Foxes In Minecraft – Complete Guide

In Minecraft, foxes can be found in taiga biomes. These biomes are characterized by blanketed forests and typically have a variety of untamed life, including foxes. Foxes are usually active during the evening and early morning, so it’s ideal to search for them during these times.

How to Tame and Breed Foxes In Minecraft

Taming a Fox:

To tame a fox in Minecraft, follow these means:

Sneak: Approach the fox gradually while holding a sweet berry in your hand. Sweet berries can be obtained by breaking sweet berry brambles found in taiga biomes.

Feed the Fox: When you are near the fox, right-click (or the equivalent action on your platform) to take care of it a sweet berry. The fox may take off right away, however it will eventually return to eat the berry.

Repeat: You may have to repeat the method involved with sneaking and feeding sweet berries multiple times until the fox is completely tamed. You will realize the fox is tamed when it no longer takes off from you and has heart particles around it.

Breeding Foxes:

Whenever you have tamed a pair of foxes, you can breed them to create baby foxes. Follow these moves toward breed foxes:

Nook: Create an encased space or pen for the tamed foxes to keep them from wandering away during the breeding system.

Feeding: Have two tamed foxes in the nook and feed each of them a sweet berry.

Baby Foxes: After feeding the foxes, they will display heart particles, and a baby fox will spawn between them. The baby fox will develop over the long haul.

The Different Colors of Foxes:

In Minecraft, foxes come in different colors, including red, arctic (white), and silver (black). The shade of a fox is determined randomly, and you may experience foxes of various colors during your adventures.

Uses for Foxes in Minecraft:

Foxes in Minecraft have several practical uses and behaviors:

Storage: Tamed foxes can be useful for carrying things. Right-click on a tamed fox while holding a thing, and it will get it in its mouth. Right-click again to make the fox drop the thing.

Thieving: Foxes have a devilish trait and may get and steal things like armor, tools, and food. However, they can also be coaxed into dropping the stolen things in the event that you give them a different food thing.

Alertness: Foxes have an increased feeling of hearing and will alert you to the presence of unfriendly crowds, making them valuable as early warning frameworks.

How to Tame and Breed Foxes In Minecraft


Taming and breeding foxes in Minecraft is a rewarding encounter that adds another degree of companionship and utility to your adventures. By finding and taming foxes with sweet berries and providing them with a safe space to breed, you can partake in the company of these adorable creatures and even use their remarkable abilities in your Minecraft world. Embrace the delights of fox companionship and find the many exciting uses and colors of these astute and charming animals in Minecraft!

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