When does the Season of Light Start in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go has numerous seasons over time, and the most recent one is known as the Season of Light. This will happen in the later piece of 2022, reasonable closing out the prior year we advance into 2023, where we’ll see a variety of new Season of Light start in Pokémon Go and upcoming highlights making their direction into the game.

Wondering when will the Egg Raids in Pokemon Go? We’ll let you know everything you want to be aware of this new season’s delivery. After the mystery was out, numerous Pokemon Go fans are eager to know everything they can about it. So without making any further ado, how about we plunge into the updates of the new season.

Pokemon GO just reported another season named Season of Light. The declaration comes as the cherry on top of Pokemon GO fest, which saw a lot of new shiny Pokemon added, as well as strikes and other prizes.

Season of Light is the following stage in. Season of Light start in Pokémon Go hopes to expand on what has been an exceptionally bustling summer, so any reasonable person would agree that fanatics of the well known versatile game will have parcels to anticipate in the coming months. Here’s everything we are familiar the upcoming season.

When does the Season of Light Start in Pokémon Go?

The Season of Light will begin on September 1. It will be accessible to all players in the game. When this occurs, the numerous seasonal Pokémon will change, switching up the standard produces for the north, south, east, and west halves of the globe. This will permit players to experience a few Pokémon they might not have seen during the mid year, close by the standard Pokémon sightings they as of now get in their neighborhood districts. Other changes include different egg produces, occasions, and various new Pokémon highlighted all through the following three months.

The new season will continue the ongoing story in Season of Light start in Pokémon Go, with Professor Willow returning. Willow shares a story about his time away, detailing how he had a real sense of security in view of the sun’s glow and the moon’s quiet, possibly hinting at the upcoming legendaries, Solgaleo and Lunala. Many fans are likewise speculating about the appearance of Cosmog on account of the many themes circulating around the world, in addition to the sun and moon.

The Season of Light will be free to all Pokémon Go players. It will begin on September 1 at 10 AM PT and end on November 31, just before December. We can expect the arrival of Giovanni eventually before the year’s end and another season-tedious account to happen through Special Research errands all through the season.

Pokemon GO Season of Light: What We Know So Far

Season of Light start in Pokémon Go

According to Niantic Labs. Season of Light will be live from September to December. There’s still almost no information to go off of, however the Season of Light start in Pokémon Go group intensely prodded the appearance of Solgaleo and Lunala. On the off chance that they truly do turn out to be included, anticipate that Necrozma should show up too, as they make up the Light triplet.

They additionally prodded what seems to be Cosmog and Cosmoem. The theme of the season appears to be intensely inspired by Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Make a point to look at our Pokemon page to stay up with the latest on everything Pokemon as well as reports on the upcoming Season of Light. The new season will send off on Sept. 1, 2022.

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