How to Play High On Life With Controller On PC

High On Life With Controller On PC is a comedic science fiction action-adventure Metroidvania first-person shooter game. The game was created by Justin Roiland and created and published by Squanch Games. It takes place in a sci-fi world and features talking weapons. The game is currently available for the PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. After the release, a few unfortunate players experienced two or three issues, and the high on life with controller on pc is one of them. In the event that you’re also facing the same issue, you can follow this manual for fix it.

A few games from a particular sort always require a gamepad or controller, even on the PC. In another way, we can say that a few players love to play games on controllers whatsoever, especially regarding titles like a survival computer game. High On Life Deep Jungle Chest Locations But somehow, the connected controller probably won’t work in that frame of mind on your PC, which appears to be frustrating. It doesn’t mean your controller or USB port has a few issues. It means something is conflicting.

High On Life can be played on the Xbox Series X|S and PC. Players can either play the game with a Xbox controller or mouse and keyboard in the event that they want to.

how to play high on life with controller on pc

Playing High On Life With Controller On PC and Xbox

This is a controls and best settings guide for High on Life. Console is High on Life On Read on to learn more about the button functions and best graphical settings in the game!

Movement Controls

  • Action Xbox One PC
  • Move Left stick WASD
  • Look Around XBOX – Right Stick Mouse Movement
  • Sprint XBOX – Left Stick Press Left Shift
  • Jump TapXBOX – A Button Space
  • Jetpack HoldXBOX – A Button Hold Space
  • Dodge XBOX – B Button Left Control
  • Crouch XBOX – DPAD Down C

Combat Controls

  • Action Xbox One PC
  • Aim Down Sights XBOX – Left Trigger Right Snap
  • Primary Fire XBOX – Right Trigger Left Snap
  • Weapon Ability XBOX – Right Bumper Q
  • Reload XBOX – X Button R
  • Melee XBOX – Right Stick Press F
  • Next Weapon XBOX – DPAD Right Mouse Wheel Down
  • Past Weapon XBOX – DPAD Left Mouse Wheel Up
  • Slide Dash XBOX – Left Stick+XBOX – B Button Shift + Left Control

how to play high on life with controller on pc

Utilize these settings to appreciate High on Life with the best graphics and visuals. Make sure your PC can meet the prescribed prerequisites to run the game appropriately on these settings.

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