How to Get the Rock Blaster Sorcery in Elden Ring

Today, we will show you How to get the Rock Blaster sorcery in Elden Ring. Rock Blaster spell permits the caster to make a mysterious shockwave by thrusting the staff into the ground.

Rock Blaster can be found in the following area:

Sellia Crystal Tunnel: Found in a chest inside a storage shed in the upper levels of the main sinkhole. Elden Ring Interactive Map Link.

How to get the Rock Blaster sorcery in Elden Ring

How to Get the Rock Blaster Sorcery in Elden Ring

To obtain this sorcery, you should advance toward the Caelid district. This is the district to the east of Limgrave and the Mistwood. You will know when you arrive at this region in light of the fact that the ground will turn a ruddy tone. The region you are looking for is the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. This prison is in the center of the Caelid district close to the town of Sellia. You can get here incredibly quick by going to the Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Limgrave close to Agheel Lake. Open the caught chest there to get magically transported straightforwardly to Sellia Crystal Tunnel. Simply make a point to rest at a Site of Grace in the wake of teleporting or you will not have the option to quick travel.

Circumvent the principal room of the prison to arrive at the passage on the other side of the wooden divider. Follow the passage until you find a stepping stool. Ascend the stepping stool and enter the following chamber. Go across the little wooden extension and into the shack on the other side. Open the chest in the shack to obtain the Rock Blaster sorcery. Watch out for the nuisance foes en route. Their went assaults can be merciless assuming that you are at a lower level.

Rock Blaster Effects

Rock Blaster is a spell where the caster utilizes its staff to dive it into the ground to make an enchanted shockwave that arrangements harm to surrounding foes.

This spell can likewise charged to hold the dive assault, which can utilize as a drill that bargains continuous harm to anybody close to it. This goes on until you discharge the charge or when you run out of FP. You can also read about How to Get the Magma Shot Sorcery in Elden Ring from here.

What It Does

Permeates the ferrule of the caster’s staff with sorcery, then pushes it into the ground to make an enormous enchanted shockwave.Hold to continue moving without striking the ground, and afterward drive the finish of the staff into adversaries.

Best spells level

While most spells in Elden Ring are viable in the right circumstance, there are a few spells that are, generally, better than others. These spells ordinarily have a more proficient harm for every Focus Point (FP) proportion, are simpler to land, or are more enthusiastically to evade in PvP situations. Since there are two distinct schools of sorcery in Elden Ring — divinations and incantations — we’ve assembled individual level arrangements of the spells accessible for each kind of wizardry.

How to get the Rock Blaster sorcery in Elden Ring

Areas and prerequisites

Underneath you’ll find a rundown of our thought process are the top five sorcery spells in Elden Ring, also as where you can find them and what their detail necessities are.

In all honesty, the spell that the sorcery-centered Astrologer class begins with is likewise perhaps the best sorcery in the whole game. Glintstone Pebble isn’t quite as ostentatious as most other spells in the game, yet its absurdly low FP cost combined with its surprisingly high harm makes it a phenomenal spell all through the whole of a playthrough.

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