Neon White Hidden Achievements

Hidden Achievements in Neon White that might be uncovered whenever you’ve finished them. Some of these Achievements can be unremarkable or ask you to satisfy super specific goals, while others are hidden to forestall spoiling Neon White’s account. So, in the event that you haven’t finished White’s excursion, keep perusing with alert.

In this Neon White aide, you’ll realize what the 17 Hidden Achievements are and how to open them, and you’ll find a comprehensive Accomplishment List that will let you know how to finish each Accomplishment in the game.

Neon White is, in the designer’s own words, “a game for freaks.” This statement isn’t alluding to Neon White’s anime workmanship style or occasional risque discourse, albeit that might be essential for it. It means the game was designed for speedrunners.

As a high-precision speedrun shooter, Neon White caters to players who will spend hours shaving off simple milliseconds. While this sort of devotion is not necessary to get Neon White’s best closure, players ready to consummate their times will take advantage of the game.

Neon White Hidden Achievements

Hidden Achievements

This accomplishment is entirely easy to get, however it is something that numerous players will probably not do normally during the speedrunning playthrough. How to use Discard Abilities in Neon White The default weapon of White is a katana, which you will always have as a backup choice when you either have one or no Firearm Cards in your grasp. Despite being a sword, you are restricted to 30 complete swings, going about as the sharp edge’s ammunition.

Swing the sword each of the 30 times and you will dispose of the sword, living you with just your Fist, which is also portrayed as a card. You can also get this Fist weapon in the Damnation variation of the game’s Level Rush Mode, which allows you to discard your sword to spawn a weapon of your decision. Since that mode requires you to beat the game to get sufficiently close to it, just swinging the sword 30 times will get you this accomplishment a whole lot earlier.

Neon White’s Red Medals

There’s a good reason why the game hides the red medals from most players. The fulfillment times are unreasonable, and assuming players thought they required them to 100 percent Neon White, more would have surrendered all along. Fortunately, they’re completely discretionary and don’t combine with the player’s culmination rate.

Each level’s red decoration time is the designer’s own record. Granted to players have surpassed the game’s own creators, an accomplishment just possible when the player knows Neon White’s mechanics and levels inside and out.

Thousand Pound Butterfly

  • Spree: 0:20.64
  • Leap forward: 0:17.45
  • Coast: 0:23.31
  • Closer: 0:34.15
  • Climb: 0:22.48
  • Switch: 0:32.43
  • Access: 0:23.85
  • Gathering: 0:33.24
  • Sequence: 0:14.31
  • Long distance race: 1:31.33


  • Escalation: 0:28.94
  • Bolt: 0:40.18
  • Godstreak: 0:30.76
  • Plunge: 0:35.43
  • Commotion: 0:28.27
  • Flood: 0:36.97
  • Estate: 0:44.97
  • Trapwire: 0:24.60
  • Kick back: 0:36.33
  • Fortress: 0:34.81


  • Paradise’s Edge: 0:18.13
  • Zipline: 0:17.55
  • Swing: 0:23.12
  • Chute: 0:46.27
  • Crash: 0:33.22
  • Ascent: 0:34.65
  • Straightaway: 0:42.20
  • Firework: 0:40.56
  • Streak: 0:38.45
  • Reflect: 0:47.20

Neon White Hidden Achievements

Why do Kpop fans downplay Red Velvet’s achievements?

A many individuals just don’t move beyond the first stage. They don’t listen to RV music with a receptive outlook. They accompany prejudices. Just because they would rather avoid a thing of dress one of the girls is wearing, or they would really rather avoid where RV has gone with this rebound, they get swallowed by their own close-mindedness and don’t stop to see the value in the music for what it is: damn good music.

Individuals will cry on the off chance that RV do a charming idea like Enhancer. Breed Fish in MinecraftThey’ll whimper on the off chance that they do a more insane idea, as RBB or the infamous Zimzalabim. Individuals just don’t have any desire to acknowledge that RV makes some of the most interesting music in the industry.

They don’t. They have awesome rappers that are truly good. The issue is that they’re never given raps that show off their actual ability. Their raps are always extremely melodic and soft, and quite slow. In any case, listen to the rap part in frozen yogurt cake… so expressive, beautiful fast, and in general more hiphop in the style. They have extraordinary rappers! They just aren’t permitted to showcase their actual ability.

In any case, RedVelvet’s music will last the test of time. I promise it. While other duplicate pop songs will disappear, RedVelvet’s capacity to switch it up and keep things interesting will end up being the champ eventually. Everybody saying, “RedVelvet’s time is up” or that they’ve “arrived at their pinnacle” is off-base: that is what individuals have been saying for a really long time, regardless, RV releasing top notch BOPS that showcase their outrageous ability, versatility and skill.

What colors go well with neon green?

Well, what everything truly comes down to is two things, first whatever you anticipate using the variety scheme with/on, and in particular what feeling or impact you believe these colors should put off, the “look” that you wish to go after.

For instance on the off chance that you’re going for a characteristic soothing impact pair less saturated shades of neon green with light blue, or pale dark. In the event that such as myself you find such a mix excessively boring, attempt radiant yellow to give some pop.

Matching energetic neon green with purplish blue or turquoise will emit a fantastic crazy and invigorating look

On the off chance that you’re on the lookout for something bolder and mean to use neon green as the primary variety matching Just ensure you know precisely exact thing impact you are wishing for. Assuming that you need spotless and present day, offset neon green with a lot of white. This way you will forestall the neon green from overpowering everything

If you have any desire to scream inventiveness and boldness, join dynamic neon green with (my personal #1) hot pink, or dazzling yellow, sky blue, or profound purple (which are all high on my inclination scale)

Truly, there are endless possibilities. Ideally what I’ve given you here will essentially be a good start for yourself and I truly do trust that I’ve helped you in some manner.

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