How to Get the Vinegaroon Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

A few new mounts have been added to Vinegaroon Mount in Final Fantasy XIV. Some of them are very hard to obtain, yet others can be handily gained. One such mount is the Vinegaroon, a silver dinosaur that looks like a tyrannosaurus.

This animal has been highlighted as an adversary model a few times, however it is finally accessible to players as a mount. Best of all, it is obtained basically as another compensation from spending Sacks of Nuts in Old Sharlayan, such countless players could as of now have the important prerequisites to buy it.

Getting the mount is genuinely simple for those that stay aware of chases, however it expects players to play through a portion of the new happy before they can Revive Fallen Co-op Allies in Stranger of Paradise. To open the seller for it, players ought to finish the side journey “First class and Dangerous” and the main situation mission “Old Sharlayan, New to You”.

Players can then be qualified for the journey “The Hunt for Specimens” to open the Guildship Hunt Vendor, which is situated in Old Sharlayan in Scholar’s Harbor, right close to the Hunt Board.

Following FFXIV’s exceptionally expected content fix, 6.1, eager Vinegaroon Mount in Final Fantasy XIV lovers can sprinkle the money on an assortment of new rideable mounts. Assuming you’ve proactively gotten the exceptionally desired Black Pegasus and Eureka’s Demi-Ozma beauty care products, you might be looking to add a portion of 6.1’s new animals to your in-game zoological display.

How to Get the Vinegaroon Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Vinegaroon is opened by purchasing it with 3,200 Clan Nuts. Group Nuts are the money that is created by completing Hunts related with the Shadowbringers and Endwalker extension.

You can take on chases by heading to the Guildship Hunt Board. The latest and significant chases are accessible in Old Sharlayan, at X: 11.8, Y 13.2. These yield somewhere in the range of three and 100 Clan Nuts for each chase and are your most ideal choice for farming this mount.

The Vinegaroon Horn ought to be one of the top things on the rundown. Buy the horn and use it while it’s in your inventory to open the Vinegaroon Mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

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The other strategy to obtain Sacks of Nuts is by defeating uncommon spawning crowds from Endwalker or Shadowbringers. There are A-rank foes that produce a couple of times each day, and S-rank ones. That are incredibly intriguing and require explicit necessities to generate. These crowds can’t be soloed, which has prompted players creating “chase trains” to kill them in huge gatherings. Joining a chase Discord or partnership is the most ideal way to stay aware of their produces.

How to get Vinegaroon mount

Vinegaroon Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

The Vinegaroon mount must be obtained using Sacks of Nuts, a money obtained by completing Hunts and killing Elite Marks. You’ll require 3,200 to buy the Vinegaroon Horn, so get prepared to grind.

As we referenced beforehand, you’ll have to have opened Endwalker’s chases in request to guarantee your award. So in the event that you haven’t follow the outline above to guarantee you don’t burn through your time

Assuming you’ve done all of that generally, this is the way to get the Vinegaroon Mount in Final Fantasy XIV:

  • Address the Diminutive Gleaner at The Nymphaeum in Old Sharlyan
  • The nearest Aetheryte is The Rostra
  • Obtain ‘The Hunt for Specimens’ mission
  • Go to the Scholar’s Harbor aetheryte
  • Address Northola

You will open Junior Guildship Mark Bills and the capacity to embrace Guildship Hunts
From here, basically kill an adequate number of monsters to score 3,200 Sacks of Nuts. At that point, trade them with J’lakshai (whose store is found right close. To the Guildship Hunts board) to acquire your award.

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