How to Earn Power Spree Vanguard Medals in Destiny 2

Vanguard Medals for a Power Spree in the Power Performer Bounty. A Power Spree happens when you eliminate three foes in a short measure of time using a Power weapon. Your Power weapon is viewed as the most powerful firearm in your armory. And it very well may be a blade, a rocket launcher, a projectile launcher, or a machine firearm. You have restricted ammo for this weapon, so you need to be cautious while using it.

We suggest using an explosive or rocket launcher for this movement. You can commonly take out different foes using a single shot from these weapons. However, the explosive launcher is probable a superior choice since you can hit numerous adversaries with one round, and you ought to have a few prepared in the chamber. The rocket launcher normally just has a single shot before you want to reload it again.

In the wake of earning five of these medals, you can finish the abundance to gain some experience points during the Guardian Games 2022 occasion.

How to earn Power Spree Vanguard Medals in Destiny 2

How to Earn Power Spree Vanguard Medals in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games 2022 started off with a refreshed equation. Etheric Spiral in Destiny 2 Sending players into “training” and “serious” variants of the Strike playlist complete with their own modifiers. This moves the recipe from the everyday center playlist model players were utilized to. Yet it additionally gives fans a more steady encounter all through the Guardian Games.

On the off chance that you’re looking to capitalize on the Guardian Games. Or if nothing else wrench some extra XP while you’re in the occasion selective playlists. You’ll need to stock up on bounties from Eva Levante in the Tower. These bounties will request that you play out a progression of goals all through various exercises. And some of them will allude to the Guardian Games occasion selective playlist.

Every one of these Vanguard Medals has a Triumph attached to it that can found under the Guardian Games part of the Season of the Risen Triumphs menu. They grant no Triumph score, however we couldn’t say whether and while Strike scoring will return, so you get them while you can.

How to earn Power Spree Vanguard Medals in Destiny 2

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