Where is the Monster Hunter Rise save file location on PC

Monster Hunter Rise save file location on PC are right now misbehaving, alongside the arrival of new DLC Sunbreak. Apparently the game’s Denuvo, which checks that your duplicate is genuine, is ruining saves.

You don’t have any desire to be in a position where all the headway you’ve made in Monster Hunter Rise vanishes, particularly with the new delivery. The title helps long sessions of crushing and returning to figure out that that was in support of nothing would be dreadful. Those protection sets can carve out opportunity to finish and you ought not be in that frame of mind to do everything over once more.

Ideally, a fix comes rapidly for PC players, however for the time being, there are steps you can take to safeguard your save. That is where we can help. We’re here to walk you through the most common way of finding your files on your PC, and afterward how to back them up. With all that, here’s beginning and end you want to be aware of the Monster Hunter Rise save location.

Where is the Monster Hunter Rise save file location on PC

Where is the Monster Hunter Rise save file location on PC

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the exceptionally expected DLC, Sea Of Thieves To Twitch is at last live on PC by means of Steam and the Nintendo Switch, and fans appear to be living it up going through all the additional content that the title Master rank brings to the table.

It was before in 2022 that Monster Hunter Rise was at long last ready to advance toward PC. It was one of the most advertised dispatches in front of Elden Ring, and Capcom conveyed a profoundly redesigned execution and interactivity experience on the stage.

The engineers had the option to give incredible visuals, along with a vivid encounter reminiscent of Monster Hunter World.

Presently with the Sunbreak expansion at long last live, players are attempting to track down the save location of the game on their PC. Having the option to find the specific location is actually quite difficult. Thus, the present aide will go over where players can find the saved file location for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak on their PC.

Where is the Monster Hunter Rise save file location on PC

Where is MHW save file PC?

Monster Hunter World regularly stores those files under Steam\User data\(your steam client ID number)\582010. You ought to likewise move up everything in the savedata_backup envelope in the game’s registry. Keeping a duplicate of your unique save will assist on the off chance that you with expecting to do a protected exchange.

Tragically, this implies players who purchased Monster Hunter Rise on Switch won’t have the option to move their information to the PC version of the game, or play with companions on that stage. PC players likewise won’t have the option to play Rise on Steam, then trade to Switch later in the year for the expansion.

How do I transfer my Monster Hunter World save file?

Go to the steam envelope, then userdata and inside the numbered userdata organizer you will see as 582010 and the “remote” organizer, the save file is the extensionless SAVEDATA1000 file. It holds the saves for every one of the 3 saveslots you find in the game. That is the very thing you can move and duplicate for back ups.

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