How to Send a DM in Discord on PC or Mac

Send a DM in Discord on PC or Mac clients predominantly make utilization of servers to communicate with one another while using it for gaming. However, if you want to hold a conversation with someone who isn’t an individual from the same servers as you. You can send an immediate message (DM) to them.

At the point when you wish to hold a private conversation with someone. You can utilize DMs and Group chats for companions. We have composed under a detailed aide on how to DM someone on Discord. We’ve also covered how to send a message to someone who’s not your companion on Discord.

Private one-on-one conversations that you have with different clients on Discord are called Direct Messages, or DMs, on Discord. These cannot be read by different clients and you can send them regardless of whether they are not on the same server as you are at present using.

On the off chance that you have any confusion around how to send a DM on Discord. Whether you are using a PC, Mac, iOS, or Android gadget, do read the following article to find out!

How to Send a DM in Discord on PC or Mac

How to Send a DM in Discord on PC or Mac

Discord is a messaging application popular among gamers. Buy Twitch Gift Cards Using servers and gathering chats, companions can communicate rapidly with each other through bunch chats or direct messages.

Direct messaging allows you to hold a conversation with someone who isn’t an individual from the same servers that you’re in. At the point when a private conversation is necessary or liked, Discord offers both Direct Messages (DM) and Group Chat.

Discord’s immediate messages allow you to have one-on-one conversations with different clients in the Discord people group. These are private conversations that won’t be found in a public chat server.

You can send direct messages and start bunch chats regardless of the server where you’re all as of now engaged. On the off chance that you’re adhered trying to sort out some way to send a DM, read on to learn more.

Whether you’re using a PC or Mac, Android, or an iOS gadget (iPhones and iPad), this is the way you can send an immediate message to someone in Discord.

How to Send a DM in Discord on PC or Mac

Can you DM anyone on Discord?

The easiest way to private message another Discord client is from within a channel. Assuming you, and the other client are in the same server, this ought to be relatively straightforward. Open the Discord Channel and tap on their profile icon. A small box will appear letting you type a private message.

Type your message in the message box on the bottom, and then, at that point, hit enter, and it will send. Alternatively, right-click on the client and select “Message” to open the DM channel straightforwardly. In the event that the beneficiary is in your companions show, you can also open the channel from that point.

Where are my DMs on Discord?

To access the DM window, Click the Home icon, which is your portrait on the upper left. This will show you a rundown of your companions, and the immediate messages that you presently have. Clicking on the portrait of a companion will open the Direct Message window.

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