Where to Find the Dragon Communion Seal in Elden Ring

This article is about Where to find the Dragon Communion Seal in Elden Ring The Cathedral of Dragon Communion, otherwise called the Church of Dragon Communion, is a significant milestone in Elden Ring. Players will probably catch wind of this when they find a Dragon Heart and afterward wonder where it’s found. Others might detect it in the distance and can’t help thinking about how to arrive at it. Regardless of which one it is, this is what you really want to know about getting to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion and what to do once you’re there.

Where to find the Dragon Communion Seal in Elden Ring

Where to Find the Dragon Communion Seal in Elden Ring

Go down the stepping stool and go through the toxic substance, making a right toward the finish of the corridor. Stop and trust that the chariot will come up and pivot. After the chariot pivots, race to one of the recesses along the right divider. Move your direction down the incline, ducking into nooks until you arrive at the third one. Make certain to dispatch the foes nearby also. In the third niche, bounce down to the stage beneath and run down the incline to the bottom.

The way will part. Follow the way on the right that leads back difficult. Continue to dodge into nooks en route until you arrive at the top. At the top, you will find a phantom foe who is a lot harder to kill than the others all through the prison. You can without much of a stretch loss him by luring him into the way of the chariot. The foe will drop the Dragon Communion Seal upon death.

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Where to get the Cathedral of Dragon Communion

Concerning how to really get to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion, it must be gotten to by means of a cavern on the southwest ocean side of Limgrave. This cavern is loaded with demihuman animals as well as a supervisor battle against two managers. Fortunately, there is a call sign for this battle, making it a piece more straightforward to travel through almost immediately in the game.

Battle through the cavern, rout the chief, and continue through the passages. You will ultimately arrive at the surface on the other side of the water. Go into the Church of Dragon Communion to find what you really want. It is here you can utilize Dragon Hearts to guarantee strong draconic spells.

Church of Dragon Communion and Dragon Heart spells

For that, we’ll have to find the Church of Dragon Communion in Elden Ring. In the first place, advance toward the Coastal Cave prison in Limgrave. To arrive, quick travel to the Church of Elleh and find a sloping way that prompts the ocean side. You should experience a couple demi-human crowds before the cave’s entry, and handfuls more are waiting in the caves.

Note: There’s a dealer sitting comfortable under a stone arrangement only south of the cavern’s entry. He sells a Shortbow in the event that you actually need a ran weapon.

Where to find the Dragon Communion Seal in Elden Ring

Whenever you arrive at the supervisor field, you’ll have the option to call Old Knight Istvan (no, he’s not the person who impacted the Loyalist Space Marine sections). This NPC can assist you with battling the two Demi-Human Chieftain managers. Focus on these folks and take them out rapidly, since that will make the remaining crowds fall down in dread.


  • Brilliant Halberd – Limgrave: The First Step – Drop from Tree Sentinel
  • Thrash – Limgrave – Gatefront Ruins – Obtained from the chest on the rear of the enormous dark carriage near Agheel Lake North site of effortlessness
  • Lordsworn’s Greatsword – Limgrave: Gatfront Ruins – Obtained from the chest on the rear of the enormous dark carriage near Gatefront site of effortlessness
  • Forked Hatchet – Limgrave: Stormfoot Catacombs – Drop from Stone Imp adversaries
  • Twinblade – Limgrave: Dragon-Burnt Ruins – Obtained from chest in underground piece of ruins
  • Figure Pata – Roundtable Hold – Jump off the overhang to the east, then follow the corridors to the impasse to find this on a body on a bed
  • Falchion – Limegrave: Church of Elleh – Drop from Demi-Humans on the south side of the ocean side, south-west of here.

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