League of Legends eSport – Taric Hero Guide

Description of Skills

  •  Bravado

From this lol esport guide, you will see that In the initial duels, 2v2 shows high efficiency, since the damage is quite high, and Tarik can deal with it extremely often and quickly. The further the game goes, the less effective this passive becomes in terms of dealing damage, but it remains always useful since Tarik’s skills take a long time to cool down.

  • Starlight’s Touch

Passively, Tarik accumulates charges, depending on the level of his ability, there can be from one to five of them. He charges them long enough, but one hit under Bravado Will immediately accumulate one charge.

The skill is mana-consuming, but in one fight you can heal a lot of health. The healing is massive, which means Tarik will restore health to everyone in the healing radius.

  • Bastion

Passively, Tarik gains some armor.

Tariq places a shield on an ally based on the ally’s maximum health and creates a bond with them.

Thanks to this link, Tarik can relay all his skills to the linked ally as well.

The link lasts until Tarik and an ally move too far apart, or until Tarik creates a link with another ally.

The link remembers the ally, and if you get within a certain distance, it will reappear. This will help Tarik maintain an initiation or rescue an ally in need while away from the scene.

  • Dazzle

Tarik prepares a beam of light for 1 second, outlining the boundaries of the strike, and then blinds all enemies in the area for 1.25 seconds and deals magic damage to them. Tarik can move and use skills or basic attacks while channeling.

By using Bastion two areas of blindness are created.

DazzleTariq is a beam, not a projectile, and therefore cannot be blocked by skills such as Wind Waller Blade Whirl, as well as other similar ones.

  • Cosmic Radiance

Within 2.5 seconds to Tarik and the bound skill Bastiona star flies to an ally, outlining a shining circle, and then for 2.5 seconds imposes on all allies in this circle invulnerability to absolutely any damage.

Allies will still be controlled.

The skill helps in both initiation and retreat, but the enemies also see the area of ​​invulnerability, so it is important to guess the moment.

Champion Pros And Cons


  • Good sustain. Tarik’s healing is based not only on ability power but also on maximum health, as well as the number of charges of Star’s Touch. In addition, he will be able to give a little tackiness to his ally.
  • Good duel potential. Thanks to Bravado’s passive effect, you can deal a lot of damage, and even bring the enemy ADK to very low health in some cases.
  • Efficient bonded ally snowball. All Tarik’s skills are relayed to the alley, and they are all aimed at supporting, strengthening, and strengthening.
  • Depends on the skill and knowledge of the enemy. If you know the limits of Tarik and the limits of the enemy, you can understand that Tarik is very strong in seemingly hopeless situations. Practice is only beneficial, he does not have the most complex skills, but each game can open up new facets of this gem.


  • Team dependent.  Despite all the advantages of Tarik, he is not able to bring victory alone. He always needs an ally, and from falling behind he becomes useless.
  • Low mobility. Tarik is slow, has no speed, jerks, etc., so it is easy to catch up with him or run away from him.
  • Fragility and vulnerability. Tarik has very little health and armor of various types at the beginning. If you give control over him and attack, he will very quickly lose health, and in the worst case, die. Tarik also has a hard time with constant harassment and poking in the lane.
  • Long training skills. Tarik’s stun takes a second and can be spotted, and his ult lasts a full 2.5 seconds before granting invulnerability.

General Game Tips

  • Your ADC is more important. It doesn’t matter if you die in the lane while trading. Your adc must be fully intact, and the enemies are brought to low health and ideally killed. You need to do the maximum in a 2v2 duel.
  • Stay close to the bound ally. Your ally gets weaker without Tarik, you shouldn’t be running around the map alone, your goal is supporting. The exception is roaming to other lines, objects, and warding.
  • Implement a passive effect in fights. Don’t be afraid to spend mana to get the most out of Tarik’s ally bonding, if your allies can deliver enough damage you’ll easily win.
  • Wardite! Visibility is very important for every support. He who is devoid of vision is devoid of line.
  • Provide super visibility. Without wards, it will be very difficult to play in the lane, considering how adk and support are tidbits for junglers.
  • Don’t play too aggressively! Tariq is very bad at aggression. 90% of all supports in the League of Legends are faster, more survivable, and stronger than Tarik, they have more control, mobility, and skills to deal damage. Tarik is revealed defensively, played on enemy mistakes, and in 2v2 duels.
  • Mana-dependent and mana-intensive. Control Taric’s mana, don’t use it against a light’s Touch, a Bastionand completely leaves alone if already connected with an ally. With each level, Tarik increases his mana by quite a lot, and by level 18 he has one of the largest mana reserves in the game.
  • Take creeps with Targon’s shield charges. It is very important to buy a few items on the first return to the base, and fortunately, if you farmed creeps and shared them, then you will have such an opportunity. Always save one load of trophies for the cart.
  • Tilt and feed of allied ADC. If your ADC is not adequate, it is better not to enter into battles with him, throw a mute and continue to play from the defense until the erligame goes into the midgame. Then you better attach yourself to another ally who plays well, this way you will provide him with sustain and survivability. You can’t stay with an adk that doesn’t play well.
  • Backlog? Almost the whole team feeds and plays badly? If everyone feeds, then it’s almost impossible to drag it, but if there is at least one ally in the team who plays well and tries to drag the game, join him with your Bastion, hang all your active items on it, like  Knight’s Vowi Zeke’s Convergence, play with him, walk beside him and help him. Thus, you will have a chance not only to make a comeback but also to win a tough game.
  • You are the support of the whole team, not the player on adk. It is not necessary to run after one adk, you have to support each teammate, Tarik reveals himself when he creates a connection not only with one adk, but also with other champions. These combinations will provide the best fighting effect.

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