How to Get the Island Eggplant Knight in Final Fantasy XIV

The Island Eggplant Knight is a mount you can ride in Island Eggplant Knight in Final Fantasy XIV. A curiously large vegetable will act as your dependable friend as you investigate the game, making it simpler to get starting with one spot then onto the next. Despite the fact that it probably won’t be the most rich mount, the Island Eggplant Knight is one of three special mounts you can add to your assortment that seems to be one another. Gather each of the three to show off to your companions. This guide covers getting the in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Eggplant Knight Minion is obtained basically through Gardening. It was first included Patch 2.3 of A Realm Reborn – and you’ll have to establish Island Eggplant Knight in Final Fantasy XIV in request to develop the Minion. The seeds themselves are just accessible through crossbreeding other kinds of seeds – explicitly either of these two blends will get you some Eggplant Knight seeds.

How to Get the Island Eggplant Knight in Final Fantasy XIV

You’ll require a couple of things to get yourself Dragonsong’s Reprise Ultimate Raid in Final Fantasy XIV: a gardening plot, the right soil, and your seeds to crossbreed.

To begin with, you’ll require admittance to a gardening plot. These are accessible to any Player or Free Company with Housing.

Housing Merchants will sell you the Gardening Plots important to sow seeds. They’re accessible at the following areas:

  • The Lavender Beds, X:11 Y:8
  • The Goblet, X:11 Y:8
  • The Mist, X:11 Y:11
  • Shirogane, X:10 Y:12

These Plots come in three sizes – Round, Oblong and Deluxe. Each can individually hold 4, 6 and 8 seeds.

The size you pick doesn’t make any Island Eggplant Knight in Final Fantasy XIV, however the more spaces accessible, the more seeds you can plant. Furthermore, that will in turn increase your shot at cross-breeding.

Where to get the Island Eggplant Knight in Final Fantasy XIV

You can open the Island Eggplant Knight mount by working on your Island Sanctuary. You can open this area after you’ve finished all the Endwalker development Main Scenario Quests and you’ve finished Endwalker. After you’ve done this, advance toward Old Sharlayan, and talk with the Clueless Crier at coordinates (X:11.9, Y:11.0). They will have a mission for you called Seeking Sanctuary, which is what you should finish to get to your Island Sanctuary.

At the point when you arrive at your island, you should finish a progression of errands called dreams. These will concede your Island Eggplant Knight in Final Fantasy XIV a remarkable money for your Island Sanctuary. Each time you complete a dream, you gain more Seafarer’s Cowries, and at last, you can visit the merchants inside of your cabin to trade them. You should gain 12,000 Seafarer’s Cowries, which is no simple errand for you to finish as you work through these undertakings on your Island Sanctuary.

Island Eggplant Knight in Final Fantasy XIV

It will require investment to procure an adequate number of Seafarer’s Cowries to open the Island Eggplant Knight, alongside the other collectibles accessible from these merchants. You can invest as much energy as you need on your Island Sanctuary.

Crossbreeding For The Eggplant Knight

They are:

1. Krakka Root and Star Anise

  • Krakka Root seeds are available from a similar Housing Merchant you got the Gardening Plot from.
  • Star Anise seeds are one more cross-breed. The least demanding to do here is Linseed and Mandrake.
    • Linseed are Harvested from South Shroud – Lower Paths, X:17 Y:29
    • Mandrake Seeds are reaped from Eastern La Noscea, X:27 Y:29

2. Wizard Eggplant and Mandrake

  • Wizard Eggplant Seeds are gathered from North Shroud – Alder Springs, X:23 Y:26
  • Mandrake Seeds are gathered from Eastern La Noscea, X:27 Y:29

At the point when you plant these Island Eggplant Knight in Final Fantasy XIV, ensure that you substitute them where it’s one, then the other, alternating as you plant.

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