How to Get the Pterosquirrel Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

With the arrival of fix 6.2 for Pterosquirrel Minion in Final Fantasy XIV, many new minions, mounts, and other collectables were added to the game. One of these is the delightful Pterosquirrel, your very own flying squirrel. So how would you open and get your hands on the Pterosquirrel.

How to Get the Pterosquirrel Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

To open the Pterosquirrel Minion you really want 400 Faux Leaves, which is the money you acquire as you play false caverns. Dragonsong Tokens in Final Fantasy XIV Hollows is a mini-game that provokes you to beat probably the most challenging fights from past extensions, refreshed with max-level details.

Unlocking and playing Faux Hollows.

For 6.2, the Faux Hollows preliminary is Containment Bay S1T7 (Unreal), otherwise called Sephirot Unreal. To take part in Faux Hollows, you’ll initially have to ensure you’ve opened it. Fake Hollows is opened by talking to the Pterosquirrel Minion in Final Fantasy XIV Man at X: 7, Y: 5.9 in Idyllshire.

Completing Unreal Trials permits you to play a game like “ship” with the Faux Commander. Effectively uncovering outlines on the Faux Hollows load up opens Faux Leaves, which can be traded for prizes.

Very much like most prizes in-game, they reset each Tuesday at 1:00 am PDT. The Unreal Trials for Faux Hollows can be found effectively using the Raid Finder. It’s a ton of work, however this charming minion is your prize!

Where to find the Pterosqurriel minion in Final Fantasy XIV

Counterfeit pits

There are two methods for unlocking friend Pterosquirrel Minion in Final Fantasy XIV and add him to your assortment. The best method for doing this is through the Fake Commander, which you can find close to Khloe, who will be in Idyllshire, at coordinates (X: 5.7, Y: 6.0). You can converse with the Faux Commander and decide to play with Faux Hollow leaves, the Faux Leaf money.

You can procure Faux Leafs by completing the week after week Unreal Trial. The Pterosquirrel will cost 400 phony leaves, which you can secure a break except if you as of now have some that you’ve set something aside briefly like this. On the off chance that you as of now have the leaves, you ought to be great to take this minion and add it to your assortment.

Pterosquirrel Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

Market Council

On the other hand, on the off chance that you don’t have that numerous and wish to buy the thing now, we suggest that you check your reality market board. There is a decent opportunity that somebody has an adequate number of phony passes on to purchase this friend and is interested in selling it to you. Tragically, it will cost a lot of gil, and except if you’re sitting on a little pile of fortune, we question you’ll find a low cost for the Pterosquirrel.

When you have this sidekick, you will get an opportunity to stroll around with it and it will follow you. For those visiting Khloe in Idyllshire, we suggest taking the Wondrous Lanner Whistle.

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