How To Find Momo in Stray

In request to advance through Stray in both the Endlessly ghettos Part 2 levels, you’ll have to find a robot named Momo in Stray. The rooftops and back streets of the Slums can be confusing, so in this aide, we’ll show you precisely where to find him in the two instances!

The story of Stray follows a lost Cat who was isolated from its family and tumbled to the entry of the Dead City. The Cat’s motivation presently is to find an exit from the decaying cyborg city and rejoin with its friends and family.

One of only a handful of exceptional vital stages to leave this city is by finding a robot called Momo in Stray, who knows an extraordinary arrangement about the Outside in Stray. With the assistance of B-12 and the Guardian, players can find Momo’s area. However, it shows up it is basically impossible to arrive at Momo as The Slums is an exceptionally dull and turbulent region, meaning players need to find one more way through the rooftops.

Stray is a game about reuniting a lost feline with its loved ones. This game takes you all around a cybercity with tons of cool bots. Here, you go through rear entryways, buildings, and more with your handy dandy B-12 bot close by. Toward the beginning of your excursion, you should wander around a little till you meet B-12.

What’s more, later on, you should find another significant friend named Momo. It very well may be a tiny piece precarious to get to Low Level Fatal Error In Stray yet this Gamer Tweak guide ought to show you how to find them without any problem.

How To Find Momo in Stray

Momo in Stray

Momo in Stray is a genuinely straightforward cycle and you will find it in the ghettos. you will require skirt forced air systems and fans It is difficult to arrive at it by walking through these paths. Here are the means you really want to take to find Momo on Stray:

  • you will require converse with the Guardian first
  • The Guardian will show you neon orange sign close to the building
  • Presently pivot and go down the steps
  • You can pick any one jumping into cartons or garbage bins directly before the building
  • When you arrive at the top of the building, you can get it Super Spirit Detergent or simply continue to the top of the stage above
  • Presently you can get around the window
  • When on the stage, leap to the top of the following building
  • Go up to the climate control systems and go to the gallery
  • Presently you will see Momo They were frantic on the grounds that their TV was not working
  • Presently converse with Momo to continue your central goal abroad

Momo is exceptionally simple to find, with a couple of vital leaps, you ought to be all set. Be cautious where you go as you don’t maintain that your valuable feline should fall. It requires a genuinely short investment to arrive at Momo, so you can without much of a stretch take as much time as necessary.

This was your aide on how to find and get Momo in Stray. In the event that you found this guide accommodating, look at this guide How to stop the fan in Chapter 2.

How To Trigger Momo’s Location Quest In Stray

After entering The Slums through the Dead City in Stray, every one of its residents will run and attempt to stow away when they see the Cat, mistaking it for a Zurk. In the wake of clearing the misunderstanding with the Guardian, show it the Postcard from the inventory to set off the mission.

The cyborg will let players know that going to the Outside is a crazy dream, and nobody at any point endeavored to leave with the exception of the Outsiders. Sadly, every one of them never returned and what’s left of the gathering is Momo in Stray, who lives high up in a building with an orange sign.

What To Do After Finding Momo In Stray

Momo appears to be down as the entirety of its companions headed Outside and stayed away forever. The cyborg doesn’t respond when the Cat and B-12 show it the Postcard from the inventory. Instead, Momo turns out to be significantly more crestfallen and will not talk about the Outside.

Here, players must gather four extraordinary note pads that will give Momo in Stray a much needed boost and give it the legitimate inspiration. After finding every one of Momo’s Notebooks in Stray, give them to the cyborg, who cheers and continues to utilize Doc’s note to fix the harmed Transceiver. Presently the Cat and B-12 should head out to The Rooftops that are infested with Zurks to install the Transceiver, which permits contact with different Outsiders.

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