What Happens If You Wait A Week in High On Life

If You Wait A Week in High On Life is loaded up with the signature brand of Justin Roiland humor. Satire is bountiful, absurdity is plentiful, and pretty much every experience is going to find a joke to mix these components together. A portion of these jokes may be the immediate consequence of seemingly (emphasis on ‘seemingly’) consequential minutes, like accusing Quality of being a space racist. In contrast, others are only commitment to the bizarre world-building with no implications on anything outside the joke itself. Regardless, if there is a joke to be had, High on Life is going to capitalize on it.

In High on Life, you’re asked to wait one full week as part of the Abundance: Douglas mission. The vast majority will overlook this and continue to the following part of the mission. Be that as it may, if you truly do wait for 60 minutes, something occurs, something incredibly anti-climatic.

As High On Life generally savages you in a number of ways like letting you think you can stab Quality in High On Life’s early hours, you may think this is a stunt. Or then again, you could potentially trust you can nab an achievement for sitting around. Below you can check whether this is a joke from Squanch Games or a secret mystery only meant for the players with the most purpose.

what happens if you wait a week in high on life

Waiting The Full Week in High on Life

After passing one of the training tests that involve killing quite a couple of foes, platforming, and puzzle solving, Douglas will come on screen for another instructional video. The key here is to actually disregard the video and head to the back of the room where the player can get out. Console is High on Life On Nonetheless, in the recording, Douglas demands that the G3 trainees that have made it this far must now wait a full hour before the course can continue to test their patience and resolve. Anyway, what happens if the player actually does wait?

The answer is a bit anticlimactic. Douglas truly does spring up intermittently to applaud and make fun of the player for their continued meditation. There are no achievements to be opened for completing this waiting period. The only acknowledgment the game offers are these short times of additional dialog.

Should you wait one week in High On Life?

To put it plainly, you really shouldn’t wait around for one hour in High On Life as you don’t get any kind of reward for doing so. All that happens is that Douglas pops in with a video message like clockwork before at one hour the screen lifts up and then breaks. Douglas will then say you have to wait another 7 days for it to be fixed.

As you are definitely not going to want to do that, to get out you can sneak through the wall at the top of the auditorium. You don’t get an achievement for doing this, so there really isn’t any reason for you to wait around at all. Thus, it is definitely a joke. If you are then looking for additional tips later on in this mission, you can read our aide on the most proficient method to beat Douglas in High On Life for a strategy on the best way to eliminate him.

Presently you realize that should not wait one hour in High On Life, you can actually get out there and take down additional G3 members in later High On Life missions and bounties. For additional supervisor guides in those missions and collectible aides, look at our High On Life walkthrough.

what happens if you wait a week in high on life

What is it like to be high on life?

I’ve had a wave of victories lately on my mechanical technology team and in my personal life and it’s a particularly unexplainable feeling. It seems like I’m falling in affection with everything all at once, the entire day. I’ve gained a more profound appreciation of everything in my life, from the blossoms that sprout on that distant slope to the trees that stretch high above me in the redwood timberlands of California.

My anxieties actually exist, however they feel such a great deal easier to manage than before and I’ve hurled myself entirely into projects just to do them. If You Stab Gene High On Life Things don’t worry me to such an extent and instead of worrying fanatically about the future, I partake in the smaller things and put forth a couple of free goals of where I see myself and a small moves toward arrive.

My productivity has shot up and I actually appreciate bouncing up to accomplish some more work. I do more things now for my advanced mechanics team and for individuals in my life and I feel happy being able to reward the same individuals who have given me so much and got me to this wonderful point.

It seems like the embodiment of life itself is dancing inside of you. There probably won’t be any music around yet something in all likelihood won’t stop dancing your mind, body, and soul. This life compel, it’s smiling right at you, you feel it in and all around you. It’s moving you, delicately yet overwhelmingly. It’s pushing and pulling you in each direction known to material science and screaming “love is love is love!”

Are you high on life?

As a serial business person (whom has yet to make a respectable living!), two years ago as my fifth business became the usual boring and stagnant work, I quite literally Stopped and asked myself ‘for what reason is this happening again?!’.

Clearly, the issue was ME! So I went on an excursion of self discovery and within 2 months could strongly say my life had turned around. I honestly believe now I’m one of the happiest spirits on the planet.

I frequently experience ‘Euphoric’ minutes (No, I’m not on drugs). At the point when it happens I’m literally ‘High on Life’! Wonderful feeling and something I would happily encounter daily. I essentially changed my morning routine and my entire life changed… straightforward huh!

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