How to Set up and Install Mods for Among Us

Hoping to figure out how to set up and install mods for Among Us. Among Us is perhaps of the most watched and streamed game on Twitch and permits you to fault your companions for being sus. Mods in Among Us allows you to make a more muddled base game, despite the fact that, you can not play on true Among Us servers. You can play Among Us mods in devoted public, custom, or confidential servers.

How to set up and install mods for Among Us

How to Set up and Install Mods for Among Us

The installation interaction will rely upon what mod you’re installing. For instance, in the event that you’re installing BetterLinkCrew (Proximity Chat), it’ll be an alternate cycle to installing a mod like The Other Roles. This are the means you’ll need to take to install mods like The Other Roles and the Submerged guide.

In the event that you haven’t as of now, ensure the game is up to date. If not, the mod probably won’t work.
Download the mod and unfasten it.
Go to the Among Us installation directory. The least demanding method for getting to this is to open up Steam, make a beeline for your library, and then, at that point Metal Dome in Fallout 76, go to Among Us. Right snap on snap and hit “Properties.” Go to the “Neighborhood Files” tab and then, at that point, hit the “Peruse” button.
Duplicate every one of the documents from the mod envelope and glue that into the Among Us directory.
Fire up the game.

How to install Proximity Chat in Among Us

Installing Proximity Chat is really straightforward. In this way, you will not need to stress over duplicating records into your game’s directory.

Download Proximity Chat from github.
Run the installer.
Fire up the game from the Proximity Chat client.
And then, at that point, you’re good to go to go. In the event that you return to the Proximity Chat window, you’ll see a “Public Lobbies” button. This will permit you to join different games where players are using Proximity Chat, so you don’t need to go searching for one aimlessly.

How to set up and install mods for Among Us


Download the Mod for your particular game adaptation. You will not have the option to send off the game in the event that the adaptations don’t coordinate.
Make a duplicate of your game’s root directory (for instance C:/Games/Steam/steamapps/normal/Among Us) and rename it to anything you desire (for instance, in the event that you downloaded Sherriff mod you can rename it C:/Games/Steam/steamapps/normal/Among Us Sheriff Mod)
Remove the substance of the mod you downloaded into the replicated organizer you made
Open the envelope and open the game by means of Among Us.exe

CrewLink (Proximity Chat)

Break the regular Among Us rules and visit to local players with the CrewLink vicinity talk mod. Previously, your main correspondence choices were to use the talk window to message one another, use the Quickchat wheel, or direct Emergency Meetings using voice comms on Discord.

Staying calm while directing assignments stops crewmates from thundering the impostor too rapidly, however this mod allows you to converse with neighboring companions (or enemies) without exclaiming accusations to the whole server.

Sheriff Among Us mod

There’s a bigger, better boss ready to get things done, and he’s wearing a spacesuit. The Among Us Sheriff mod lets one crewmember be the neighborhood regulation. The sheriff has a kill button, and can kill impostors without sitting tight for a group vote. Yet, there’s just a single issue. Attempt to kill a guiltless player, and you’ll bite the dust all things being equal.

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