Where to Find Carrots in Fallout 76

This guide is about Where to find carrots in Fallout 76, an orange, pull vegetable developed for food across Appalachia. It very well may be consumed crude to fulfill a modest quantity of craving with a medium portion of radiation and opportunity for infection or can be cooked for extra advantages.

Where to find carrots in Fallout 76

Where to Find Carrots in Fallout 76

There aren’t that numerous regions where you can find carrots growing in Appalachia. This is surprising a direct result of how much vegetation there is in regions like the Forest locale. Fortunately, when you find a few carrots, you can develop them in your camp so you generally have a stockpile of them. Really take a look at the following regions for carrots:

  • Forests Family Cabin – In the nursery close to the cabins
  • Wixon Homestead – Behind the house in the nursery
  • Raliegh Clay’s Bunker – Growing in a grower in the shelter
  • Yellow Sandy’s Still and Autumn Acre Cabin – A gathering of carrots can be tracked down growing between the two regions

In total, you will find around 15 carrots growing in the wild between these areas. You can get a greater amount of them in the event that you prepare the right advantage cards too Mysterious Cave Code. Prepare the Green Thumb perk card to get twofold how much carrots from your collect. You can establish carrots in your camp by planting them in the ground or in a grower box establishment. You will require carrots and manure to establish them in your camp.

Where to find carrots in Fallout 76

What are carrots utilized for?

Carrots are utilize to make various food varieties that will give you rewards for your excursion around the no man’s land. The following recipes expect carrots to make them:

Carrot Soup
Chally’s Feed
Mutton Meat Pie
Orange Mentats
Vegetable Medley Soup

Behind the scenes

In an eliminate Vault 94 nursery terminal section, the carrot was allude to as daucus carota sativus, a certifiable types of carrot.

R&G Station

R&G Station is in the southern piece of the Savage Divide. Establishment is to the upper east, and Site Charlie is to the north.

In the prompt vicinity surrounding the station, I had the option to find fourteen carrot blossom plants. Not a single one of them were in excess of twenty meters from the stations. Simply circle the station and look out.


Ceremony is in the Savage Divide with the Palace of the Winding Path to the southwest and Prickett’s Fort to the northwest.

To the northwest of the bring forth point is a crashed bi-plane. It is straightforwardly among Sacrament and Prickett’s Fort. I can find eleven Carrot Flower plants, all within thirty to forty meters of the bi-plane. They are not handily spot, however they are there.

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