How to Get Rid of Red Crystals in Horizon Forbidden West

In this article we will show you How to get rid of red crystals in Horizon Forbidden West There are numerous things that will go about as snags for Aloy that you should advance through the story to figure out how to sidestep. One of the prior objects that you will figure out how to get rid of are the red crystals that you might have seen growing on dividers. These crystals are called Firegleam. This is the way you get rid of the red crystals in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Get Rid of Red Crystals in Horizon Forbidden West

In request to get rid of the Firegleam or red crystals in the game, you really want the Igniter. Sylens will give you the blueprint that you can use to create the tool. When you have it, you will require Leaplasher Spark Coil and Deepwater Kindle Weed Oil to make the Igniter.

How to get rid of red crystals in Horizon Forbidden West

Clearing Firegleam In Horizon Forbidden West

Before you can obliterate the Firegleam crystals, you should get your hands on an Igniter. This thing can’t be made until you arrive at the mission called Death’s Door. During this mission, one of the entryways you will attempt to get to is covered in Firegleam and won’t open.

In the wake of collecting the materials, you will actually want to make the Igniter at a close by workbench. To utilize the Igniter, you basically need to approach a few Firegleam and hold the R2 button. This will make Aloy push the Igniter into the Firegleam. Make certain to step away subsequent to igniting it or things will get muddled.

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Horizon Forbidden West Red Crystals And How to Remove Them

These red crystals are called Firegleam Crystals. To annihilate the red crystals you really want to initially find the Igniter. The issue is that you really want to arrive at a certain point in the story, Death’s Door main mission.

During this mission you will go over the red crystals interestingly while trying to get to an entryway. Sylens will give you the subtleties on how to make the Igniter. You should get a Leapslasher Spark Coil and Deepwater Kindle Weed Oil.

When you have the required crafting materials you can go to the Workbench to make the Igniter. Take the Igniter to the red crystals and light them up.

How to Destroy Red Crystal Anomalous Growths

You will run over Red Crystals ordinarily while exploring the Relic Ruins and opposite side missions that take you to the more profound pieces of Forbidden West. Whenever you interact with them, you will get told that you can’t get rid of them now since you don’t have the right gear, particularly assuming you find them from the get-go in the game. Here we will perceive how to obliterate Red Crystals in Horizon Forbidden West.

To get rid of the Red Crystals that block your way, you will require a piece of hardware called the Igniter. It is, as its name proposes, used to light the Firegleam and set it burning to get rid of them.

How to get rid of red crystals in Horizon Forbidden West

How to Clear Red Crystals

In request to annihilate the red crystals in Horizon Forbidden West, you really want extraordinary hardware that is opened later in the game. The vital tool is known as the Igniter, and it is opened automatically as a piece of the main story journey called Death’s Door. This is the fifth generally mission in Horizon Forbidden West, so you will get admittance to the Igniter right off the bat in the game.

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