How To Get All Time Powers In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

Embark on a time-bending venture in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, where the sands of time hold the way to unraveling secrets and overcoming challenges. Among the myriad abilities at your disposal, All Time Powers stand as a testament to the game’s intricate mechanics.

How To Get All Time Powers In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

The Lost Crown: A Brief Overview

Timeless Adventure:

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown unfurls a legendary story, blending liquid parkour, challenging riddles, and a rich narrative. The game introduces All Time Powers, elevating the Prince’s abilities to manipulate time itself.

What are All Time Powers?

Temporal Mastery:

All Time Powers address a bunch of extraordinary abilities that transcend the limitations of conventional gameplay. These powers enable the Prince to manipulate time in ways that oppose the ordinary.

How to Unlock All Time Powers in the Game

Movement Milestones:

As you progress through the storyline, you’ll unlock All Time Powers at explicit milestones. Each power is a testament to your development and mastery over the temporal forces within the game.
Solving Temporal Riddles:

Engage in intricate temporal riddles scattered all through the game. Effectively solving these riddles advances the narrative as well as rewards you with recently discovered temporal abilities.

Strategies for Using All Time Powers Effectively

Contextual Application:

All Time Powers have assorted applications. Use them contextually to defeat platforming challenges, outmaneuver foes, or manipulate the climate to your advantage.

Combining Powers:

Try different things with combining different time powers for synergistic impacts. Mastering the art of seamlessly integrating these powers enhances your overall effectiveness in traversing the game world.

Other Tips and Tricks for Playing Prince of Persia

Smooth motion:

Master the smoothness of the Prince’s developments. Parkour components play a crucial job in navigating the climate, and a seamless combination of bounces, wall runs, and acrobatics is critical.

Temporal Awareness:

Foster a sharp temporal awareness. Anticipate the impacts of your time powers on the climate and adversaries, allowing you to make split-second choices that alter the course of the game.

How To Get All Time Powers In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown


In the tapestry of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, All Time Powers weave a narrative of temporal mastery and unparalleled adventure. As you unlock and use these extraordinary abilities, the boundaries of time obscure, and the Prince turns into a genuine master of his destiny. Traverse the intricate landscapes, address temporal riddles, and relish the excursion through an enchanting existence where the sands of time answer your command.

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