How to Get a Secret Service Helmet in Fallout 76

Here, we will figure out about how to get a Secret Service helmet in Fallout 76, The Fallout 76 Secret Service Armor arrived in the Wastelanders update, has turned into an unquestionable requirement for players.

Fallout 76 has an undeniably bad rep. Be that as it may, since the Wastelanders update and the reintroduction of human NPCs, the game has worked on no closure. And presently it finally feels like an actual Fallout game. Fallout 76’s Secret Service Armor arrived in that update, too. And we want to tell you exactly how you can get your hands on it.

How to get a Secret Service helmet in Fallout 76

How to Get a Secret Service Helmet in Fallout 76

Like different bits of the Secret Service armor set, you can purchase the plans for the Secret Service Helmet from Regs in Vault 79. This can be finished after you complete the questline of the Wastelanders DLC. Whenever that is finished Swim in Fallout 4, you will open Regs as a Gold Bullion Vendor. To get the helmet plans, it will cost you a total of 1,650 Gold Bullion. In the event that you are fortunate, you can also find the plans by going to Minerva at whatever point she makes an appearance in the wasteland. She will typically sell the thing for cheaper than Regs.

How to craft the Secret Service Helmet

Helmets, as different bits of armor, can be crafted at armor workbenches either in your camp or tracked down all through the wasteland. You will require the following materials to craft the Secret Service Helmet:

1 Leather
3 Plastic
1 Rubber
5 Steel
Dissimilar to different parts of the armor set, the Secret Service Helmet won’t accompany any legendary impacts on it. This is because helmets in Fallout 76 cannot have legendary impacts added to them. You also can’t construct the helmet at various levels like you can the remainder of the armor set. There also aren’t any mods that you can purchase for the helmet which means that it is absolutely surface level.

How to get a Secret Service helmet in Fallout 76

Where To Find It

The armor can be crafted (which we’ll get to without further ado), however it can also be obtained via random drops from either Purveyor Murmrgh at the Rusty Pick or from occasions. The latter can be done once the armor plans are obtained.

The plans can be obtained from Regs in Vault 79. He is a merchant that just accepts bullion as payment. There are a couple ways to get it, the easiest being trading in your caps to Smiley at The Wayward. The total amount of bullion expected to purchase the plans will vary based on the piece of the secret service armor.

Materials Needed To Craft The Armor Pieces

You also need to obtain the right materials to craft the armor. They can be crafted at any workbench in the game.

The materials and the amount required will again vary based on the piece of the armor. The one thing they have in like manner is that all require one legendary module to craft, which can be obtained from the recently referenced Purveyor Murmrgh.

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