How to Get a Vintage Water Cooler in Fallout 76

Vintage Water Cooler in Fallout 76 One or two at some of the camps I visited in Fallout 76. This popular storage item is very helpful in collecting water and produces up to 24 purified water per hour. This is as good as using a standard water conditioner. Unfortunately, you can’t just get a plan for such a vintage water cooler to make it yourself, but you might get it as a gift.

The Vintage Water Cooler was added to Fallout 76 in the Night of the Moss update. With this update, the items available from seasonal events have changed. The seasonal event you must attend to get the Vintage Water Cooler is the Holiday Scorched event. During this time, Scorched can parade the city in his favorite holiday-themed outfits.

The Holiday Scorched Event is held annually during the Christmas season. While this event is active, you must defeat charred enemies dressed in their holidays. If you do this, you will have a chance to get a Christmas present. When you open the gift you receive, you will have the chance to get a vintage water cooler plan.

How to get a Vintage Water Cooler in Fallout 76

How to Get a Vintage Water Cooler in Fallout 76

At each location in the Scorched Spawn, you may encounter Holiday Scorched. Customize Your Character in Project Slayers Holiday Scorched is dressed in festive clothing and will sound its own alarm when spawned. Note that Holiday Scorched cannot be spawned within an instance or internal cell (such as Valley Galleria).

The Holiday Scorched is always legendary, with a 55% chance of becoming a 1-star, a 40% chance of becoming a 2-star, and a 5% chance of becoming a 3-star legendary enemy. This means that on average, you get 3 star stats for every 200 burnt pieces.

Savage Divide and Cranberry Bog also have some good spots. However, the location is larger and the travel costs are higher. Cultivating this route seems to be more efficient. When you’re done, you can start over or switch servers if it’s faster than respawning.

The Holiday Scorched works the same as Halloween’s Spooky Scorched. At the 2021 Spooky Scorched event, Scorched has a 10% chance of becoming Spooky Scorched. This spawn rate may also apply to the 2021 Holiday Scorched, but has not yet been confirmed.

How to get a Vintage Water Cooler in Fallout 76

How do you farm Purified Water in Fallout 4?

To get a supply of purified water, you need to have surplus water in the sanctuary (or other settlement), preferably connected to a generator placed in a material efficient manner near the water A water purifier and a couple of regular pumps.

The Whistle in the Dark weapon is a legendary assault rifle that offers +1 perception and + 33% V.A.T.S. Accuracy at night while reducing damage during the day. There are many other Fallout 76 guides, including a guide on how to find mega sloths and a guide covering nuclear weapons codes.

Why can’t I build the vintage water cooler in Fallout 76?

We are aware of a UI bug that could cause the wrong icon to appear in the build menu if the player has not learned the vintage water cooler blueprint. A solid red circle is displayed instead of the lock icon. This means that players need to learn blueprints to create items.

This plan can only be purchased by opening a second generation (ie Steel Dawn or later) Christmas gift as part of the Holiday Scorched community event.

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