How to Fix the Can’t Connect to Server Error in Century: Age of Ashes

This article is about How to fix the can’t connect to server error in Century: Age of Ashes. Assume you are waiting for quite a while for the arrival of a game, and when it dispatches, you get a surprising Network Error all of a sudden. There isn’t any issue with your organization and each and every other thing is working fine yet your game isn’t.

It could very bother, correct? All things considered, this equivalent thing is happening with the Century: Age of Ashes players. A few players are facing the issue named Network Error. This issue is occurring to everybody, in any event, when their organization is completely working. In the event that you are additionally facing this error, continue reading this article till the finish to have a deep understanding of it.

How to fix the can’t connect to server error in Century: Age of Ashes

How to Fix the Can’t Connect to Server Error in Century: Age of Ashes

This error isn’t something you can do much about from your end. It springs up when there’s something amiss with the game on the server’s side. While designer Playwing has explained that working on an update ought to forever fix the error, it may as yet cause you issues. The best thing to do when you see it is to switch the game off and restart it. This will disconnect you from the server completely and force the game to lay out another connection, which should be preferable over the one that broke.

Another likely fix for this error is switching stages, assuming that is at all conceivable. On the off chance that the servers for Century: Age of Ashes are having inconvenience for PC players, have a go at moving to Xbox to check whether your connection is any more steady there. Assuming it is, that might be the better spot to play for years to come.

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Crash Error/Black Screen/Infinite Stuck

As a recently delivered game, it can bring about crashes some of the time, however relax; we got you covered. This can happen for different reasons, including outsider overlays, antivirus software, and an absence of drivers.

Game dark screen, ordinarily occurs in practically all games because of damaged or adulterated game records delivered by specific Windows settings, game settings or some installation errors that might have come.

Attempt these fixes

Whether the game crashes on startup or crashes in the game, you’ll find a fix to attempt in this article. You don’t have to attempt them all. Simply work your direction down the rundown until you find the one that works for you.

  • Confirm integrity of game records
  • Update your designs driver
  • Install the most recent game fix
  • Handicap overlays
  • Briefly handicap against infection software
  • Fix defiled framework records
  • Play out a perfect boot


We have gathered the most often posed inquiries regarding Century: Age of Ashes, down beneath. We are continuously improving this FAQ and adding new inquiries as they are brought to by players across our various media.

Age of Ashes not starting

A significant number of the issues with games launching happen due to ill-advised installation. Check, on the off chance that there was any error during installation, have a go at deleting the game and run the installer again, yet before install remember to handicap antivirus – it might often erroneously erase records during installation process. It is additionally vital to recall that the way to the organizer with a game ought to contain just Latin characters and numbers.

How to fix the can’t connect to server error in Century: Age of Ashes

Age of Ashes, servers down or online?

More often than not, Century: Age of Ashes servers will be offline as an update draws near and a restorative fix is applied. So it doesn’t disturb the players too much, the engineers attempt to restrict them, yet some of the time it takes surprisingly lengthy. It is likewise conceivable that servers are down without a maintenance being in the works, following different issues.

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