GTA Trilogy’s rain is already fixing by Modders

One of the many messed-up things players have seen about Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Definitive Edition is the rain. It falls in thick, vision-obscuring white linesunless it’s over the water, in which case it suddenly vanishes. Maybe rain goes behind the sea. Regardless of whether it weren’t for that, those ropy strands don’t do as much for the atmosphere as a rainy night did in the originals.

GTA Trilogy's rain is already fixing by Modders

Modders are already dealing with working on the rain, starting by making it more transparent. GTATrilogyMods has a fix on Patreon, with version 1.1 allowed to download however you’ll have to subscribe for early access to version 1.2. On the GTA Forums iNSANE666 has mods for better rain in GTA 3, as well as busted, wasted, and menu screens, which will show up on Nexus Mods once its page for the trilogy goes live. Meanwhile, you can download the part as a compress document. Also, on Portuguese site mixmods, Jessica Natlia has transferred a mod that makes rain more transparent in every one of the three games.

While it’s very spread out right now, the trilogy’s modding scene is already working diligently on different projects. There’s a full radio restoration meaning to bring back the eliminated songs, which has presently got as far as Vice City’s Flash FM, a change to dispose of the white outlines around designated pedestrians, and one that fixes Grove Street gangsters having a diagram of the number 7 on their jerseys when they’re wearing number 3, 5, or 9.

As I’m composing this, the GTA Trilogy has just barely opened up subsequent to being disconnected for two days. Who can say for sure what modders will actually want to accomplish now the game’s really playable once more?

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