How to get the Naruni Island Token in Lost Ark

This article is about How to get the Naruni Island Token in Lost Ark. In Misplaced Ark, there are 95 Island Tokens to destroy within the game. These Island Tokens is additionally peaceful and afterward change into a NPC at Opher, the Lonely Island. Collecting each of the 95 Island Tokens will compensate you with a broadness of expanded rewards, along the edge of Stat Potions, Skill Level Potions, Mounts, etc.

The Outlaw Isle Token is within the marketplace by completing a mission on the island. While you enter Naruni Island, you’ll stare at a red journey that it is likely you’ll total on the island. Here is a clear token to gain, as all or no longer it is basic to be victorious in is total that red journey.

How to get the Naruni Island Token in Lost Ark

How to get the Naruni Island Token in Lost Ark

The Outlaw Isle Token is obtainable by completing a mission on the island. When you enter Naruni Island, you’ll see a purple mission you can finish on the island. This is a simple token to get, as the need might arise to do is finished that purple mission.

The purple mission you want to finish is “Naruni Go!” This journey expects you to gather 101 Naruni’s on the island. Close by the Island Token, you’ll get a Rapport chest and a blend of phenomenal fight and class engravings.

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Island Tokens Quest

Island Tokens are obtainable by going to their particular Island in Lost Ark and completing the condition. This condition could be either doing a Quest, Daily Quest, Boss Fight, and so forth Whenever you have finished the condition, that Island Token is yours. This is the way you can get every one of them:

  • Goblin Island Token – Chance to get it from the Goblin Pandora Box.
  • Monster Mushroom Island Token – Chance to get it from chopping down the Mushrooms on the Island.
  • Toto Silver Island Token – Increase your Rapport with the Toto Elder to get it as an award.
  • Totopia Island Token – Complete the chain of Quests in this request: A Great Discovery, Totopia Tutor for a Day (Do it multiple times, one time per day), Her Name, and The Case of the Missing Totopian.
  • Deception Isle Island Token – Complete the PvP mission Red Waves and open the Illusion Isle Loot box.
    Cradlesong Island Token – Complete the coop journey Secret Entrance.
  • Starlight Isle Island Token – To get the Starlight Isle Island Token, completely finish the questline A Starlit Melody.

Island Quests

ForNaruni Go!, you need to interact with the different Narunis on the island a total of multiple times. Every interaction takes about around 3-4 seconds. Along these lines, it’s occasionally hard to accomplish a full interaction as some Narunis don’t remain long enough in one put prior to moving on.

How to get the Naruni Island Token in Lost Ark

The picture beneath shows you one of only a handful of exceptional ideal spots to cultivate Narunis. They stay for a nice measure of time, and when they run off they return to a similar spot again allowing you a second opportunity to finish the interaction.

How to join Lost Ark Arkesia Grand Prix

As far as prerequisites, players should be level 50 to enter the Arkesia Grand Prix occasion. All you want to do to join in on the activity is address a NPC named “Arkesia Grand Prix Manager” who is situated in each significant city. This NPC (search for the pink marker on the guide) will concede the “[Event][Daily] Go to the Arena!” and “[Event][Daily] Go to the Arena!” and afterward “Getting a move on” everyday mission.

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