How to Delete Profiles on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Making use of an Xbox 360 without actually having an Xbox profile is next to impossible and is not recommended at all because without having a profile you can not save your data and progress. The gaming files, personal achievements and their friends and a lot of other things that are associated with gaming are linked with Xbox profile. If you do not want your progress to be saved and restart every time you want to play which is quite absurd then you are going to do okay without the Xbox profile.

However, if you are really into gaming and competing you would want your progress in different games to be saved and to be able to make friends on Xbox live and play with them. For that you will have to make an Xbox profile and link it with your console. This step is very straight forward and can easily be done directly from your Xbox.

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In some cases, gamers need to remove or delete their profiles from their consoles. There are a lot of reasons for this, you might have to delete your Xbox profile from your console because you are upgrading and getting a new one or you are changing the type of your console. Perhaps you used to share a console with a friend or sibling, or maybe you do not need your old account anymore. Maybe there is some specific error you want to fix with your console as deleting a profile and then re adding it is a solution to many different Xbox problems now a days. This also convenient if you sign in on a friend’s console to play an online game together and want to make sure you do not leave it logged in afterwards. Luckily, deleting an Xbox profile from your console is quite simple and easy than to add a new Xbox profile to an Xbox 360.

Things you need to know before deleting a profile.

By the deleting the profile, the profile only gets removed from your saved accounts on Xbox console. This means that the account is not completely deleted, anything that is saved in the cloud like your progress, achievements and other saved data uploaded to Xbox live is safe. You are allowed to sign into the account from any other Xbox console.

However, if there is any other local data on your Xbox that you have not saved or synced to the cloud then that is the first thing you need to do before removing your profile. Make sure that your console is online and that you have backed up your gaming progress before you proceed to remove. Otherwise, you will lose the local data.

There is a somewhat unique way in which Xbox 360 consoles handle gamertag profiles. The Xbox profile is linked to the device that it is stored on and profiles do not necessarily have to be saved on internal hard drives. Originally Xbox 360 was available with and without a hard drive so that is when consoles without a hard drive required to have the capability to store profiles on removable devices.

This means that when you turn on your Xbox 360 you need to locate exactly where your profile is saved. This may be on your internal memory, one of the memory cards or even on a USB flash drive. So, to delete your profile you need to know where your profile data is stored.

Do the following to delete your profile on Xbox 360.

You will then be asked to choose what type of deletion you want so choose accordingly. If you want your account’s data like saved games and achievements to stay, then choose Delete profile only. However, if you want to completely remove everything that is associated with the profile then you will have to select the Delete profile and items option.

  • Head over to settings then select system and tap on storage.



  • If your profile is saved in an external storage select the option of ‘All devices’.
  • If your profile is saved in the internal storage, then select the option of ‘Hard drive’.

  • Choose the profile you want to delete, then tap on delete.

After you have deleted your specific profile. Now you will see a screen that shows you the remaining profiles that are left on your device. If you deleted the only profile, you would see a screen that shows that there are no remaining profiles.

How do I Re-download my Xbox Profile?

  1. Scroll left from Home to open the guide
  2. Scroll down and select Add & manage
  3. Select Add new
    • Note: You will not be creating a new account when you select this option. You are just adding your existing profile to the Xbox One console
  4. Type in your email address or phone number you use to sign into your Microsoft account
  5. Enter your password. If you have forgotten it, select I forgot my password, and then follow the instructions to recover your account
  6. Review the privacy statement summary, and then select Next
  7. Select your Sign-in and security preferences
  8. Check out how you look on Xbox, and then select Next
  9. Choose your color, and then select Next
    • Note: The preference that you are currently using at home appears with a checked box
  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to return to the Home screen
  • Scroll left from Home, find, and select your gamertag, and then select Sign in


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