How To Cancel A Server Boost In Discord

Cancel A Server Boost In Discord can assist you in enhancing your servers, which can then lead to the unlocking of additional advantages. Each part can add to the server’s leveling up, allowing it to get additional features that everybody can profit from in the long run.

Although the fact that you are boosting a server may be advantageous, it may also be exorbitant, particularly assuming you want to give countless assets to your server. It is also conceivable to buy into this assistance consistently, with renewals taking place automatically on the date of the following payment.

Accordingly, assuming you at any point change your mind, you always have the choice to cancel your boosts by contacting us through the Cancel A Server Boost In Discord. Please see the tutorial underneath for instructions on how to do as such.

How To Cancel A Server Boost In Discord

  1. Activate the Cancel A Server Boost In Discord (desktop or electronic) and sign into your account using your login credentials to begin.
  2. The User Settings can be accessed by selecting the gear symbol in the lower left corner of the app and clicking on it.
  3. The “Server Boost” choice may be found in the Billing Settings part of the settings page’s configuration page.
  4. At the point when you click on the three specks symbol close to one of your active boosts, a drop-down choice will appear. Pick “Cancel Boost Subscription” from the menu that opens.
  5. Continue by selecting “Indeed, Cancel Boost” to indicate your acceptance of the change. When you click “Next,” the details of your membership will be introduced on the screen.
  6. Assuming there is any residual boost, it will appear on your Server Boost tab, and you will have the choice to cancel it whenever you have checked your decisions. Until the cancellation time has passed, you can in any case take utilization of the advantages of using the booster.

Assuming you at any point choose to change your mind, you can keep. The reward until the cancellation date comes around again. In request to cancel a Boost that has not been used, click on the three spots symbol close. To it and select “Uncancel” starting from the drop list.

How To Cancel A Server Boost In Discord on your Mobile

  • Changing your profile avatar is as basic as tapping on the hamburger symbol in your ongoing channel’s. Top left corner and then selecting it starting from the drop menu in the bottom right corner of the application.
  • To manage boosts, look down to the Nitro Settings. Segment and snap on the “Manage Boosts” drop-down choice.
  • After touching the three specks symbol close to one of your active boosts, select “Cancel Boost Subscription” starting from the drop choice that appears close to one of your active boosts.
  • To affirm your choice, select the “Cancel Boost” choice starting from the drop menu.

Please bear in mind that you can cancel a server boost assuming you have already purchased one for your machine. You can not cancel any free boosts that are related with your Nitro enrollment package.

Cancel A Server Boost In Discord

To wrap things up

Since it has become so obvious how to cancel a boost on Discord, you can eliminate. The month to month membership from your card or PayPal account. When the cancellation date passes, it’s absolutely impossible to save the boost. Whenever that happens, you could lose a level on your server. The event that there are insufficient boosts from different clients.

Assuming you choose to Cancel A Server Boost In Discord, you’ll lose the special badge on your profile.

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