How to Complete The Souvenir Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West

This article is about How to complete The Souvenir side quest in Horizon Forbidden West. The Souvenir is an Errand Quest in Horizon Forbidden West (HZFW). This walkthrough will direct you through all targets of The Souvenir task quest.

This guide will show you how to complete The Souvenir, an Errand in Horizon Forbidden West (HFW). Peruse on to gain proficiency with the quest targets, systems, area, and prizes for The Souvenir Errand.

How to Complete The Souvenir Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West

The Souvenir is a side quest in Horizon Forbidden West that you can get in the wake of completing the Faro’s Tomb main quest. A man named Jomar is stressed over his younger sibling, who has gone out exploring with a secretive emblem. This guide explains how to complete the side quest and open a strong prize.

How to complete The Souvenir side quest in Horizon Forbidden West

Examine the bodies and follow the tracks

Follow the quest marker over the water to an ocean side where a couple of machines are milling about. You’ll see a couple of bodies spread around the spot and have to examine them to ascertain whether or not they have the emblem you’re looking for. We found it more straightforward to kill every one of the machines nearby prior to examining the bodies since it requires some investment to look at them.

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Get back to Jomar and guarantee the Elite Canister Ropecaster

At the point when you return to Legacy’s Landfall, Jomar will be sorrowful to know about his brother’s passing. However, he’s additionally incredibly grateful that Aloy observed his emblem and that it can somehow help the Quen in their time in the Forbidden West.

Follow the Tracks

In the wake of highlighting the tracks, follow them to the following destination, en route you’ll find another cadaver, examine it, then continue to follow the tracks that lead you to a tower.

At the top you will go outside again on an edge poking out from the tower, get on the holds and edges and follow the undeniable linear way further up the tower until you arrive at the top, then drop down ahead to find a body.

Seeds of the Past Walkthrough

After reaching the goal, climb the tower while killing the ambushers. Ride the zipline back down and go into the building from the bottom floor.

After you arrive at the Metal Flower, turn left and pass through the entryway. Utilize the Pullcaster on the metal clasp to haul the rubble out of the divider, then utilize the Pullcaster again on the vent. Move up and utilize the terminal.

Restore Power to the Control Room Door

Look on the left corner close to the other Battery Racks are to see a vent you can utilize the Pullcaster on. Go through, and light the Firegleam to make a way. Pull the Battery Rack out of the forgot about divider and take the Energy Cell. Bring it through the new way and invested it in the Effort Cell to restore the power.

How to complete The Souvenir side quest in Horizon Forbidden West

Scan North of Landfall for the Quen Scouts

Go to the northern piece of Landfall to the goal then examine the cadaver on the sand close to a building. A while later, follow the tracks to find a few machines around the ocean and rout them. Examine the body close to the ruins where the machines were. Then, filter for tracks using your concentration and follow them to arrive at the tower. Move up to the top and examine the carcass.

Examine the Corpses by the Ruin

After you’ve gotten out every one of the Machines, examine the two carcasses in the focal point of the area, then initiate your Focus and press R1 DualSense-R1 on the close by track and follow them.

In the end, you’ll arrive at a tower that you’ll have to climb, so examine the room with your Focus to feature regions to climb, then advance toward the top. Drop into the opening at the top and examine the cadaver, then re-visitation of Legacy Landfell and advise Jomar the news on his brother to complete the Errand.

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