How to Set up Discord AutoMod

Set up Discord AutoMod presented a pristine control tool called AutoMod that can keep unsafe messages from showing up on a server. The tool works by having the moderators in a server select which words they need to boycott.

AutoMod likewise can automatically boycott individuals who defy the guidelines. All things considered, we will show you how to get AutoMod and how to set it up.

You should be either a moderator, the administrator, or the creator of a Discord server to execute AutoMod. Likewise, this element is restricted to the desktop rendition of the application; it’s not accessible on portable.

In the drop-down menu, select Server Settings. You should empower the Community settings on Discord.
Select Enable Community on the left-hand side. A window will create the impression that will make you through the strides of setting up your server. Click the containers close to ‘Checked email required’ and ‘Sweep media content from all individuals’.

How to set up Discord AutoMod

How to Set up Discord AutoMod

To make any Discord Bot you should initially make an application over at Discord Developers. Gambling in California To do as such, make a beeline for Discord Developers and make a record on the off chance that you don’t as of now have one. Click on the New Application button to make another application.

This will add a bot to your Discord Application. From this new page you can set your bots profile picture and show name. Your showcase name is the name individuals will find in discord and while welcoming your bot to their discord server. Change the Username field to anything that you wish to name your bot. Click on Bot Icon to change your bot’s showcase picture. This is the picture that will be shown in Discord and when others welcome your Bot.

Assuming that you wish to set your bot to private you can do as such by unchecking the Public Bot choice. This will mean however that main you will actually want to welcome your bot to any server. Neglecting to do so will imply that your bot will not be able to be welcome to servers. Neglecting to do so could imply that a few crucial elements of your bot can’t discuss accurately with the Discord API.

How to set up Discord AutoMod

How do you moderate a discord server?

You can likewise utilize Discord’s inherent settings to save some time. Return to your Server Settings and look down to Moderation. There are bunches of helpful control choices here: Verification Level: Choose whether clients must be completely confirmed to join your server.

Make a beeline for your record and select your server. Click the Modules tab or select Automod from the dropdown. Guarantee the Automod module is empowered. Click the Settings button under the Automod module.

Is raiding Discord servers illegal?

Striking a Discord server can get you prohibited from Discord. Since strikes are a type of spam and a disruption of others’ insight on the stage, Discord forever boycotts thieves and at times gives IP boycotts over this way of behaving.

Sending spam is against our Terms of Service. We could make a move against any record, bot, or server starting any of these or comparable strategies. Assuming you accept spam began from Discord,

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