How to Beat Blue Knees in Madison

The Madison Blue Knees evil spirit and gramophone puzzle is quite possibly of the most challenging second in the game, as players need to explore the beast in a distorted house while finding his cut off eyeballs. The Beat Blue Knees in Madison

devil and its related gramophone puzzle is among the most troublesome minutes within the game, as gamers find the beast’s cut off understudies as he meanders by a warped home.

Everyone has a lot to deal with, however at this level you are nearing the tip and trust is not too far off, so we’ll spread out simply and obviously figure out how to beat the Online Games help Students to Learn and cure the gramophone puzzle in Madison. We’ll furthermore explain the foundation and legend of Blue Knees, as a great deal of the substance’s capability isn’t clear within the main game.

The Madison Blue Knees devil and gramophone puzzle is quite possibly of the most challenging second in the game, as players need to find his cut off eyeballs while his beast is in a screwy house.

As Luca explores the abhorrences of the substitute form of his Beat Blue Knees in Madison, players will experience the terrifying Blue Knees animal. Blue Knees is a tall, skinny, extraordinary animal with sharp teeth and no eyes. All through the game, Blue Knees tenaciously stalks players, phasing in and out of presence. On the off chance that players are gotten by Blue Knees, they will drop and awaken in a protected room. However, to advance the story, players should find a method for escaping.

How to Beat Blue Knees in Madison

At the point when players interact with the gramophones all through Beat Blue Knees in Madison, Blue Knees will show up. The gramophones should be turned by hand to play a melody and to check whether Blue Knees’ eyeball will show up, players need to play the whole tune. While the specialist is sufficiently simple, Blue Knees will show up and pursue the player once the melody is playing. The key to stopping Blue Knees is to gather his missing eyeballs and return them to the opening in the floor in the protected room; on the off chance that players snap a photo of the opening with their camera, they will see a heap of eyeballs under the flooring plank, hinting at what should be finished.

Players will know when Beat Blue Knees in Madison by the frightening, echoing sound that plays joined by the screen shaking. At the point when players initially find out about Blue Knees by reading the unpleasant kids’ book, they will be told that he fears the light and to utilize something splendid for security. The main brilliant article players have is the camera’s blaze, so when Blue Knees shows up, snap a photo of it. Blue Knees will transition, yet the camera glimmer ought to cause him to vanish for a brief time. Continue to wind the gramophone wrench and play the tune to the end, then verify whether the eyeball shows up in the opening in the gramophone horn.


Beat Blue Knees in Madison

It’s basically impossible for players to kill Blue Knees in Madison, yet that doesn’t mean there isn’t a method for escaping him. The objective here is to find both of Blue Knees’ lost eyeballs, which are stuck inside gramophones that have jumped up all around the house for reasons unknown. The cycle resembles this:

  • Scan the reworked house for any gramophone.
  • Hold down the interact button on the gramophone to begin playing a tune about Blue Knees.
  • The tune will require around 30 seconds, however will stop assuming that the player relinquishes the button.
  • When the tune is finished, quite possibly the gramophone will have an eyeball inside it.
  • Get the eyeball and find another gramophone, repeating this interaction.
  • When you have two eyeballs, go to father’s room where this started, and interact with the opening in the floor.
  • Drop the two eyeballs into the opening.
  • The room will go genuinely dim. Photograph the eyeball opening and everything will go totally completely dark before Blue Knees hops you, transporting you back to the ordinary house.

Putting Beat Blue Knees in Madison to the side for the occasion, the issues here are that the house design has changed and every one of the gramophones have produced into new areas, so you won’t know where to take a gander from the get go and need to naturally find them.

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