How to Complete the A Nose for News quest in Lost Ark

In this article, we will show you How to complete the A Nose for News quest in Lost Ark. There are many Quests that you can find and have to complete in Lost Ark. However, while most are rather straightforward, some are mind-bending and not in a decent way, either because of misleading goals or forcing you to do pixel hunting to clear it. One such Quest is the “A Nose for News,” which is, unfortunately, a part of the Main Quests. Here is a speedy aide on how you can complete the “A Nose for News” Quest in Lost Ark.

How to complete the A Nose for News quest in Lost Ark

How to Complete the A Nose for News quest in Lost Ark

The succession of occasions that follows can be unusually hard for many players to operate. While the tracts of land surrounding the oasis – and likewise, the area of the map indicated by the quest as searchable – can be rather broad, the range of the Magick Flow Detector just encompasses a comparably small circle around where it was conveyed.
Combined with how the detector can be utilized once like clockwork – in addition to all antagonistic foes that slink the quest area – the time spent trying to find the “right” position to convey the detector can rapidly add up. Here’s where to find them all.

Ribs by the narrow pass

As a general guideline, all of the right situations to plant the detector are under some rather ominously protruding creature bones scattered near the oasis. The primary position is no special case for this standard, lying near a smaller heap of bones.

Speak to Origins of Stern NPCs

In request to start “A Nose for News” quest players need to speak to the two NPCs located in the Origins of Stern headquarters in the Arthetine district, who can be found on the spot indicated by the marker on the map above. These NPCs are:

  • Editor-in-Chief Phillan Kaiman
  • Columnist Mathias

From them, you will learn about the Technologist, who is planning something naughty, so you will asked to investigate the dubious case and make headlines in the news.


From that point, utilize the Triport to go to Oasis, which can found on the same map as Nelbelhorn Lab on the west side. When there Uncharted Lost Legacy, head north until you reach the map marker and Investigate the Oasis water temperature. Then continue to the following two map markers to complete this part of the quest.


Presently, open the map and utilize the Triport to head to the Municipal District, found in the northern part of the same map. From the Triport, go north into the Town Hall and follow the map to the purple question mark to find Sasha; this will then complete the A Nose For News quest.

How to complete the A Nose for News quest in Lost Ark

Talk to Lab Director Yulia

After speaking with Mathias, head to Nebelhorn area in the Arthetine district and speak with speak to Lab Directo Yulia at Nebelhorn Lab. She will let you know that the water temperature in the Nebelhorn Oasis is abnormal last month, and she will ask you to take new measurements certainly.

Ice sheet Inquiry

A Nose for News is a Roster Quest that you can complete in Lost Ark once you reach the endgame and hit Level 50. In fact, it is a subplot for an alternate quest name Iceberg Inquiry that you can in Stern.

As you progress through the quest, you will eventually go over the subplot called A Nose for News that asks you to utilize a Magick Flow Detector. The item should toss in certain areas of the map of Nebelhorn on the continent of Arthetine in request to continue.

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