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Most video games are very difficult to play. But cheats and bots can convert difficulty into ease. It also makes the games more interesting. There are many games, you play daily but could not enter in the next phase, but with the use of the best cheats codes, you can become superhuman in the world of video games.

Online games have shifted the paradigm of gameplay. Now, you need some sort of special cheats to play the game accurately. There are many online websites which are providing its cheating codes but we are best on IWantCheats Reviews

In the following article, I will tell why IWantsCheats is the most trusted cheat site for all online video games.

Our offering

We are offering many cheating codes for almost all types of war games. We are providing cheating codes both for PC games and mobile games. We are providing all popular and unpopular cheats. We are providing the most popular hacks for mobile games.


We are providing all types of aiming bots such as pixel scanning bots, direct bots, and injection bots. These bots change the coding of the games. They act according to your wants. If you are using these bots, you could become immortal in the online war game. These bots provide you with better control over the game.

Besides bots, we are offering the cheats on the console. The cheat console provides extra power to the player. A player can become a pro player if he uses these cheat consoles. A player can get extra advantages from the video game by using a cheat console. 

Extra benefits of using IWantsCheat

IWantsCheats offers you some benefits. If you are a game lover you can use our offerings. There are following benefits if you are using our offerings.

Easy gameplay

We are the best in war games. War games need speed and extra control to shoot the opponent and win the game. But it is not easy to win in the arena of war. You have to use some kinds of hack and cheating codes to win the game. We offer the best cheats and hacks by which you could easily win the game and shoot the opponent.

We are the best in aiming bots and hacks. You could use our hacks and cheating codes both on pc and mobile.


Unlocking new features is necessary for better performance in the war zone game. Many of us played games but could not perform well. Because advanced weapons and equipment are required to win the game.

Your opponent also has some special weapons. To compete with your opponent, you have to use the bots. If you have no bots, you could not succeed in the mission easily. People play games for a long time to achieve some title but with our bots, you could easily get any achievement badge.


We are providing very cost-effective hacks for all types of games. Anyone can afford our hacks and cheats easily.


We are very responsive and give feedback timely. We ensure to avoid any further disturbance regarding the use of our hacks and cheats. We are customer-centered and take good care of our clients and users.


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