How to Complete Kenneth Haight’s questline in Elden Ring

This article is about How to complete Kenneth Haight’s questline in Elden Ring. Kenneth Haight is a NPC in Elden Ring. Kenneth Haight professes to be the following leader of Limgrave, you will experience him as you advance down the edges at Limgrave. Haight will request your assistance to wipe and get out Fort Haight that is as of now being overwhelmed by various adversaries.

How to complete Kenneth Haight’s questline in Elden Ring

How to Complete Kenneth Haight’s questline in Elden Ring

To begin Kenneth Haight’s questline, you will need to be in the game’s earliest region, Limgrave. Go to the north of the Mistwood Outskirts, in the area presented above, and you will hear an aristocratic voice calling for help. Upon an enormous piece of fallen garbage, you will find Kenneth.

Having spoken with Kenneth, try to debilitate all of his discourse choices. He will demand that you reclaim his fortress, the one found south of the Mistwood. This will be the main objective of Kenneth’s questline. During your discussion, Kenneth will likewise hint at a few obnoxious opinions he holds about the Tarnished and present some legend around one of the game’s first diving beings, Godrick the joined.

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Elden Ring Kenneth Haight area

You initially meet Kenneth to the north of the Mistwood region in East Limgrave. Head along the street south from the Agheel Lake North site of beauty, across the scaffold, and take the north street until you see a ruined opening. You’ll hear Kenneth shouting for help from its top. Whenever you converse with him, he’ll request that you retake Fort Haight at the southernmost tip of East Limgrave.


You’ll initially experience Kenneth Haight in Limgrave, not too a long way from the starting region. He’s standing atop a piece of ruins north of the Mistwood; you’ll realize you’re close when you begin to hear him calling for help.


Venture out through the Mistwood to the south, and follow the street when it bends to the east. You’ll ultimately show up at Fort Haight, which can be recovered by killing every one of the foes inside. Try not to miss the Golden Seed right external the entry.

At Stormveil Castle

Towards the finish of the game, Kenneth Haight’s questline joins with the Nepheli Loux Questline. You’ll have to have advanced her questline to the point that she is at the Roundtable Hold and has been given the Stormhawk King remains. She will leave after this, dropping 2 x Stormhawk Ax.

Requests that the Tarnished Help Liberate His Fort

At the point when the Tarnished first addresses Kenneth, he will invite your guide and ask you for a help. His solicitation is that you to get out his fortress to south (past the Mistwood) and consequently he will give you a prize.

Make a beeline for Fort Haight and Clear It Out

Stronghold Haight can be found to the southeast of Mistwood Ruins. Access it by riding around there or quick traveling to the Fort Haight West site of effortlessness. Kill each of the foes guarding the post to complete Kenneth Haight’s assignment.

How to complete Kenneth Haight’s questline in Elden Ring

Tip: To stay away from the enormous bears that infest the Mistwood, embrace the eastern precipices until you show up at Fort Haight. On the manner in which you can likewise experience a Nomadic Merchant and Tears for your Flask of Wondrous Physick.

How to Complete Kenneth Haight Quest Line in Elden Ring After Update

From that point, you really want to make a beeline for the close by extension, and you will find Kenneth standing there. Converse with him and afterward he will move to Fort Haight. This spot is in the eastern piece of Limgrave. When you go to Fort Haight, you will confront various adversaries which you need to overcome to arrive at the top.

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