Android Vs. iOS Game Development: Which One Is the Winner?

There are many tough choices to make when making your first gaming app. The first and foremost is picking either iOS or Android as the target platform for your development endeavors. It’s enticing to skip the planning phase and launch the app for both Android and iOS straight away. Still, it’s usually best to focus on a single platform first and then expand if and when necessary for a certain game.

Decide the winner yourself in the app development rivalry between iOS and Android by reading the differences between them in the following post:

The Market Share

Although Android devices have the largest share of the worldwide market, Apple has a monopoly on the App Store in terms of revenue. iPhones are gaining popularity due to their wide availability and low prices. If you crunch the data, you’ll realize that Android has more global users than Apple, partly thanks to devices such as the upcoming Samsung S23. However, you should not rush into developing Android based on this data without first investigating the demographic in further detail.


Recent research shows that the English-speaking market favors iOS, while the rest of the world is partial to Android. Considering that your app will likely be in English, it makes more sense to begin developing an iOS game, as all of these nations use English-supported apps. So, Android is your best bet if you want to reach a wide variety of people worldwide. Regarding e-commerce and corporate apps, as well as apps aimed at a North American, Australian, and West European audience, iOS development should be favored over Android development. As it will be your choice, in the end, you will always have the option if you want to have a professional game on any of the two platforms or even port a game to another one to hire the game development services from a professional company.

The Development Cost

When deciding between Android and iOS development, it’s crucial to consider the cost. This might be a shock for novice app developers, but iOS development is far simpler and cheaper than Android development. One of the primary reasons for this is the wide variety of Android phones and tablets your app will need to support. Thus, developing an iOS app should be your priority if you’re short of cash but still want to do it correctly. Developers for both Android and iOS will tell you the same thing: iOS has simpler code. Nevertheless, Android, an open-source platform for various hardware and software elements, must also be considered for game development.

Other Factors

But since Apple keeps its network closed, you’ll only be able to create a gaming app for a small number of standardized devices. The Apple App Store has stricter criteria and higher quality requirements than other app stores, so your applications might take a bit longer to get authorized. However, a typical Apple user spends 45% more than a Google Play user and is 10% more likely to spend money on in-app purchases. But if you want to monetize your app through advertisements, Android will do just fine.

The Final Verdict

After reading the above information, we hope you have a better idea of what to do. Go with Android if you need to roll out regular app updates. On the other hand, choose iOS if you want to create a minimal marketable product fast and at a low cost. The battle goes on, but we’re sure you will ultimately reach a decision.

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