How to Beat the Wind God in Gunfire Reborn

In this guide, we will show you How to beat the Wind God in Gunfire Reborn. Wind God (Also known as Aeolus) is the Second substitute manager in Gunfire Reborn. The player can look against Wind God in the Quicksand Pool toward the finish of the Anxi Desert once Ichthyosaurus Offspring has been crushed multiple times.

In the wake of being opened the manager is haphazardly selected each run, making it a half opportunity for Ichthyosaurus Offspring and half opportunity for Wind God.

How to beat the Wind God in Gunfire Reborn

How to Beat the Wind God in Gunfire Reborn

The Wind God is the substitute manager for the second Act of Gunfire Reborn and can demonstrate challenging to some when previously experienced. This other supervisor will just bring forth once the Ichthyosaurus Offspring has been crushed once and has a half opportunity to produce rather than the Worm.

The Wind God generates in a similar roundabout field as the Worm and has four distinct assaults it sends at the players. It additionally has an impediment that it will bring.

The Wind God supervisor perils

The Wind God will bring sand traps around the roundabout field. Players can get away from these sand traps through dashing, meaning certain Occult Scrolls that increase the length of run cooldown are especially perilous in this battle. Players ought to likewise know about which weapons they’re holding Get to Flooded City in Nier Automata, as certain huge weapons will dial the legends back to risky levels.

Stepping into these sand traps will stop the player from moving, which rapidly turns into a capital punishment against this supervisor as he’ll target caught players with shot harm. Further, these sand traps will remain in play for the aggregate of the supervisor battle. Legends, for example, Qing Yan are great for this fight, as they can Leap out of sand traps and away from tornados.

How to Beat Ichthyosaurus Offspring

This manager can be experienced at the Quicksand Pool in the Anxi Desert.

Ichthyosaurus Offspring is feeble to Explosion and Corrosion sorts of harm. His two most fragile spots are his mouth and tail.

Very much like Golem, he remains in a similar spot, so bring a few long reach weapons for this battle. He will likewise bring Desert Boars, Desert Coyotes, and Fire Lizards to help him.

How to beat the Wind God in Gunfire Reborn

You should bring down his reinforcement first, using Corrosion weapon, and afterward fire his tail with shotgun or some other went weapon with high harm.

ichthyosaurus point of concern

The worm has two points of concern, similar as in a golem manager battle: the inside of its mouth, and the whole tip of its tail (which seems to be a fan). For the main stage, it will utilize a laser from its mouth to join to the focal point of the field, and for the subsequent stage its tail will be the objective of decision. Consumption harm can assist with reducing its covering — because of a level harm relief rate on hits outside weak spots, inability to draw in its crit zone, and result in void ammunition packs.

Worm laser assault

At the point when players initially enter the field, The Worm will bring forth in the middle with its mouth shut. It then marginally points to the player’s left or right mouth, opens its mouth, and begins discharging a monstrous residue loaded laser while pivoting toward the players. The hero will need to be sufficiently close to the mouth of the worm to discharge his weapons while struffing far Moving towards them with the laser.

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