How to Change your Character’s Gender in Tower of Fantasy

Change your character’s gender in Tower of Fantasy is an allowed to-play MMORPG that permits players much opportunity with regards to customization. In this game, you can make your own custom character who will investigate Aida and uncover the world’s mysteries. One of the up-sides about Tower of Fantasy is that nothing is final in this game.

Players can change their username, character’s appearance, character name, and, surprisingly, their gender whenever. A portion of these changes cost in-game money however changing your character’s gender is free.

The Character screen shows you all the overall information about your character, including name, your CS, and details. To change your gender, you should simply snap or tap on the gender symbol right over the character picture. At the point when you do, a spring up will affirm to change your character’s gender. Hit alright.

Hitting alright will change your character’s gender. However, your character’s appearance will remain unaffected. If you have any desire to change your character’s appearance, this will expect you to invest some in-game cash.

How to change your character’s gender in Tower of Fantasy

How to Change your Character’s Gender in Tower of Fantasy

Finally, press the little gender symbol on top of your character symbol to change sex. Carrion Snails in Tower of Fantasy The game will likewise show an affirmation message prior to performing the activity. From that point onward, you’ll see that the gender symbol has changed to blue or pink. However, you’ll see that your character’s gender will seem something similar. As of writing, we doesn’t know whether it’s a bug as the engineers haven’t recognized this issue yet.

One more method for changing your gender in Tower of Fantasy is by altering your character’s appearance from the login screen. Remember, that this will cost you 100 Dark Crystals, which can be bought from the in-game store or procured by different techniques.

That is everything you want to realize about changing your character’s gender in Tower of Fantasy. Prior to leaving, remember to look at a portion of our other Tower of Fantasy-related content here at Twinfinite, similar to Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide, Is Tower of Fantasy Free To Play, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

How to change your character’s gender in Tower of Fantasy

How to change name in tower of fantasy?

Players can change their username whenever they need in Tower of Fantasy. However, they should spend Dark Crystals to change their username. Dim Crystals are the exceptional cash in the game, and players can procure them by completing waypoints, accomplishments, and unlocking locales.

You can’t change your symbol’s appearance later, however you can change their Life and their haircut. However, assuming that you buy the DLC extension ” Origin Island “, you can redo your symbol totally (with the exception of gender) in the wake of completing all of the story situations.

How to change account in Tower of Fantasy pc?

In request to change accounts, you really want to tap or snap at the Menu button at the top right of the screen. From the choices that spring up, tap on Settings. Presently, under Basic, really take a look at the choices at the top right segment – you ought to see the Switch Accounts button right close to the Customer Service one.

With the low cost of 300 Dark Crystals, you’ll have the option to change your name to anything you would like it to be, and as often as you would like. Assuming you’re planning on rerolling in Tower of Fantasy, ensure that you’ve saved your number one name for last. What’s more, that is everything you’ll have to do to roll out this improvement!

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