How to Get to Flooded City in Nier Automata

Flooded City in Nier Automata reports the harrowing story of a gathering of androids in a dystopian world. Set in a fruitless no man’s land, 2B and 9S should explore this frighteningly calm land to vanquish the mechanical life shapes that plague it.

When the player has outperformed the NieR: Automata’s 2D-styled platforming section in the Forest Zone. Their next objective expects them to dare to the Flooded City. This undertaking marks the main instance of the game letting go of the player’s hand.

Go to the Resistance Camp by means of the vending machine and leave the premises by walking. After reaching the lake at the Base’s entry. Follow the branch-off stream that streams to one side between two enormous buildings. The stream will part, so overlook the way to the appropriate for the present and continue following the water to one side.

The way will end, forcing the stream to turn into a cascade. Really look at the guide to guarantee 2B is over the entry’s waypoint. And bounce down to where the water crashes on a close by edge. The guide will recommend the player has arrived at their destination.

How to Get to Flooded City in Nier Automata

How to Get to Flooded City in Nier Automata

NieR Automata portrays the walkthrough of side missions in Flooded City. Dive in Fall Guys You will find out when you can begin the side journeys in Flooded City, how to finish them, and what significant decisions you want to make. Also, we depict prizes for completing missions in Flooded City.

Flooded City isn’t accessible all along of the game. You can get to this area interestingly when you arrive at Chapter 7 of the mission. One of the main targets of the mission is then to go to Flooded City. This area can be reached through a passage from City Ruins.

ou need to get it independently in the event that you have the fundamental adaptation of NieR Automata. The DLC accompanies the Game of the YoRHa Edition. Regardless of whether you purchased the GotY version, you will likely have to install this DLC independently. We depicted this in more detail on the page Game of the Yorha Edition in the reference section to our aide.

As a reminder, you might have gotten an unknown letter when you were in the fortification toward the beginning of Chapter 6. From the second you find Flooded City on the guide, there will be another marker to investigate. Interestingly you will actually want to examine it in Chapter 7.

How to Get to Flooded City in Nier Automata

Where is 9S?

You should return to the City Ruins and back to the Resistance Camp, where you’ll get another Pod capacity called Scanner. This will be expected to satisfy the goal at the Flooded City to find 9S. At the point when you get once again to the City, you’ll have to examine for any android lifeforms within the area.

Unadulterated Water, sadly, just comes from one specific area. What makes it such a pain to get is the way that it’s “irregular” on the off chance that you’ll get any or not while picking up things flung all through the area.

How do I get to the flooded city?

Which is possibly revealed when the terrain of the City Ruins changes interestingly. The player might go here before Anemone’s solicitation, however the cutscene that plays while stepping foot into another zone won’t set off.

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