How to Hide UI in FFXIV (Guide)

There are a couple of reasons as to why someone might want to hide the UI in FFXIV. Some players find it distracting from gameplay, some find it hard to see their avatar and interface unless they’re zoomed very closely into the action, and some just plain prefer a more immersive experience without UI elements getting in the way.

Last Fantasy XIV Online is a MMORPG game delivered om 2010. It is accessible on Windows, PS4, PS3, and Xbox One stages. While taking a screen capture the UI or HUD is somewhat irritating and makes the screen capture less lovely. So I chose to figure out how to Hide UI in FFXIV.

In order to hide the UI, all you have to do is hit escape and click “UI layout.” This brings up a menu with several different options for customizing your interface display. The first option, “Display Floating Cast Bar,” is what you’ll want to toggle off. Now, when you go into game, your cast bar will no longer be displayed on the screen.

How do I Hide my UI in FFXIV?

You can hide one of your interface elements by navigating through the menu described above under How Can I Hide UI in FFXIV. However, if you’d rather not bother with that every time you play, or would like to completely hide both of your interface elements FFXIV Leveling Guide, there is a simple macro that will accomplish this for you! This macro targets both of your interface elements at once so they are hidden regardless of which one you currently have selected. How to make this macro: Open up a text editor, such as Notepad. Copy and paste the following code into your text editor:

How to use the macro: Open up your FFXIV Macro Tool, and navigate to “UI Customization” >> “Action List.” Create a new action list, then select the first blank entry. Right click the Action box below and find your newly saved macro text file (ex: HideUI ). If you named it differently than I did, go into the folder that contains it and find this file instead. Right-click and choose Import Item , and it should appear as an option in your action list! You can now click on this item whenever you want to hide UI in FFXIV!

FFXIV Remove UI Guide

This is incredibly helpful with regards to playing the game how you need to play. A few group like their presentation jumbled and filled to the edge with information. In any case, others need theirs to be just about as minimal as could be expected. What’s more, to be reasonable, we can’t fault them on the grounds that the universe of Final Fantasy XIV is a lovely spot.

Nonetheless, there is an approach to have both of these to be turned here and there at a tick of a catch. To eliminate the HuD/UI through and through, the default button on the PC form is ‘Parchment Lock.’ If you have a PC, you need to hit Fn just as Scroll Lock.

This is the place where the excellence of PC gaming becomes an integral factor; you can change this catch to anything you desire it to be. Indeed, pretty much, as you don’t need it to conflict with something else significant. So in case you’re an eager picture taker, this can be moved to say your center mouse button.

For those of you who play on the Hide UI in FFXIV, it’s by and by easy to eliminate the HuD/UI; in any case, you can’t change this like on the PC adaptation. You should simply press L1 + the touchpad button simultaneously. What’s more, that is it the HuD/UI is gone, and press the offer catch to take screen captures till your heart’s substance.

How To Hide UI in FFXIV on PC

Hiding UI in FFXIV should be possible by holding the parchment lock key on your console. As a matter of course, it is the Scroll lock key. In the event that it’s anything but working for you can proceed to check. The setting and change the key binding and pick another key. In the event that you don’t have an application to take a screen capture you can utilize. The PrtSc key on your console to take it, The screen capture will be saved in the screen capture Hide UI in FFXIV or FFX14.

Hide UI in FFXIV

Hide Off UI in FFXIV in PS4

The UI can be covered up off effectively in PS4 by using the PS4 regulator. You should simply press the L1+ touchpad on your controlled and UI vanishes. On the off chance that you are using PS3 you should press the L1+ select key.

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To bring the UI back you can tap a similar key used to hide it. You can utilize the offer catch in the regulator to take a screen capture. On the off chance that you find some other strategies in Hide UI in FFXIV go ahead and remark underneath.

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