The Types of Slots You Need to Know About

There are a wide variety of online slots available for gamblers on Conquestador Casino Finland. Furthermore, there are many online slots for different characters, mindsets and sessions.

Slots You Should Know In 2022

To find an ideal online slot, you will be required to do some work, yet don’t panic. We have you covered. We will walk you through the entire scope of online slot games, explaining how they work and which of them are most suitable.

Ensure you are relaxed as this promises to be a wild ride!

3 Reel Slots

Let’s travel on a magical excursion loaded up with turns, twists and everything slots. To begin this experience, let’s explore the old fashioned three-reel slots.

Three reel slots could be considered obsolete and exhausting because of their outdated features; however, their history is fascinating, and every slot enthusiast will like to know.

Three reel slots are generally known as classic slots because they have been around for a very long time. Moreover, the first online slot has three reels and just a payline, so you can contemplate its difficulty.

These days, the three-reel slots have better designs, offering a better opportunity to win.

However, you are still liable to few paylines and limited extra benefits. If you are a fruit lover or you prefer Egyptian – themed slots, then three-reel slots are suitable for you.

One example of an action-packed three-reel slot is rich reels. The slot is composed of bars, cherries and lemons with a touch of free spins for extra bonuses.

Indeed, 3 reel slots might not have the latest features and paylines, but its catch is simplicity, especially for new players. Additionally, players who want immediate online slots results find them the right option.

Three reel slots are so straightforward to the point that you can start playing without having any strategy or plan. Just choose a value spin and win or lose, depending on luck.

5 Reel Slots

Are you ready to spice things up a little? Although not the latest option, The five-reel slots are the most famous slot games globally as their symmetry is suitable.

In 5 reel slots, the centre reel is the reward wheel or the bonus section. They leave the gambler with two balance wheels and an engaging visual. They were created just after the three-reel slots, thanks to extending the physical casino’s screen sizes.

From that point forward, they have grown to be the most famous slot globally, special thanks to the internet. Examples of them include the legend of Atlantis, the midnight show and many more.

Five reel slots also offer extravagant liveliness, interesting opening songs, free spins and many other fantastic features to make it the most intriguing slot game ever.

6 Reel Slot

These slot types are uncommon compared to the 5 and 3 reels. However, many of these slot types are available for players worldwide. Moreover, It might be challenging to track them down.

Other slots you can try out are:

  • Seven reel slots.
  • Win both ways slot.
  • Progressive jackpot slots.
  • Mobile slots.
  • 3D slots.
  • RPG slots.


The article has mentioned a range of the most popular slot games; we know that finding the best slot game can be difficult, mainly as Platinum Play offers you a variety of options.

We, therefore, hope the information in this guide can help you make the best slot game decision.

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