How many Levels in Toy Blast

This article is about how any levels in Toy Blast. TOY BLAST – Android game with delivery date 12/12/2014 from Peak. Game Genre: Puzzle. In the article, we summed up pumping tips from TOP players, engineers “replies to gamers” questions, guides for beginners from the authority site and our privileged insights for passing the game. Consideration, the Wise Geek site is continually refreshed, visit us all the more frequently.

How many Levels in Toy Blast

What’s going on in this rendition – PLAY 50 NEW LEVELS! Is there a superior spot to find inner harmony than the harmony garden, where each impeccably positioned piece copies the quintessence of nature and invites you to ponder? Join the Toys for a quiet evening!

What are lives (hearts), and how to get them? After each ineffective entry of the level, one life is taken. Yet, relax! You routinely get free lives, so very soon you will have a full stock of lives again. What’s more, you can gather stars and get star chests, which run over an assortment of gifts, including enhancers, coins and lives. Consistently you are allowed the opportunity to win lives with a toy wheel. What’s more, life can be obtained in the expedition! What’s more you additionally have the chance to purchase a bunch of lives for coins!

What are unique things? Extraordinary things – rotor, explosive and puzzle – are speakers that can be made by combining solid shapes. In the event that the gathering of blocks is adequately enormous to make an uncommon thing, this thing will show up on the 3D squares in the focal point of the gathering – you simply need to annihilate it!

  • Rotor: Destroy 5 or 6 shapes of a similar shading;
  • Explosive: Destroy 7 or 8 shapes of a similar shading;
  • Puzzle: Destroy at least 9 3D shapes of a similar shading.

Furthermore you can combine extraordinary things with one another (for instance, rotor and explosive) to get a considerably bigger region free from ??the level! Moreover, you can utilize the rotor, explosive and puzzle prior to starting the level. They can be purchased for coins, just as obtained using a star chest, a toy haggle Treasure Hunt occasion. You can also read about how to get Toy Blast free Coins and Lives from here.

What are speakers? Intensifiers are things that make it simple to finish levels in Toy Blast! Among them are a drill, a train, a vacuum cleaner, a pail and a brush. They can be purchased for coins, just as obtained using a star chest, a toy haggle Treasure Hunt occasion. You can see these things at the lower part of the level:

Drill: Destroys one shape or hindrance of your decision. (In the event that a hindrance comprises of a few sections, for instance, Lego blocks, then, at that point, the drill will obliterate just one section.)
Train: Destroys the chose line of blocks.
Vacuum more clean: Destroys the chose segment of 3D squares.
Container: Removes all 3D squares of a similar shading as the chose block.
Brush: Changes the shade of the chose 3D square to the ideal one.

The Theme of the Toy Blast

The subject of the toy blast is extremely alluring because of its amazing tones and toy shapes. It gives the player an extremely relaxing impact by releasing the entire day push and spruce up the state of mind because of tones and amazing ambient sound.


Being effectively available is probably the best thing in-game notoriety and Toy blast is effectively open through Pc, Android, Amazon, Facebook, and iPhone with the goal that each client can partake in the game in a hurry. You simply need to download the game from play store or google play to appreciate it.

Elements of Toy Blast

Exceptionally straightforward and distinctive game.
Is a great game just as challenging simultaneously
Give you amazing occasions like star competition, level up the test.
Shock you with day by day amazes from the spin wheel.
Furnish you with amazing sponsors and exceptional combos.

Toy Blast Levels

You should be wondering with regards to how many levels are there in the top blast and at what stage this game will end?

Then, at that point, you are on the ideal locations toy blast has a sum of 1660 levels and there is an increase in trouble while going up on more significant levels as difficulties increase and you need to clear more squares in less moves.

Clearing Stages

Investigate your destinations menu on the left side and afterward get a decent design of your squares. First you’ll need to change over however many squares as you can into extraordinary capacities, then, at that point, begin clearing towards your objective goals. Save any dynamic exceptional on the right side bar until you get down to your last couple of moves and you don’t think you will make it, and don’t have the coins to get a couple of additional moves.

General Tips and Tricks

You can play Toy Blast on facebook in case your gadget is charging and connecting to facebook will get you 25 coins.
Adding companions from facebook will permit you to ask them for additional lives, simply make an effort not to bother them with demand. This is a preferred choice over wasting your coins on buying lives as well!
Attempt to get a twofold Rubik shape unique to get the whole board free from blocks.
The square you tap to make an extraordinary is the place where the unique capacity will be framed.
Tap an extraordinary again to drop its initiation.
Clear guides in as couple of moves as conceivable with combos to arrive at a 3 star clear rating for every one of the zones.
On the off chance that you decide to purchase cash hang tight for the arrangement under the coin symbol. The main pack worth buying as a grinding instrument is the 300 coin + 2 hour limitless lives pack.
Be cautious with failing stages, you lose a daily existence and you just regain one life like clockwork.

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