How to Get Latios in a Pokémon Go – Full Guide

Latios is a legendary Pokémon known for its Dragon/Clairvoyant typing and exceptional stats in Pokémon Go. It’s a sought-after Pokémon because of its rarity and strength in battles.

How to Get Latios in a Pokémon Go

The Basics of Catching Legendary Pokémon

Legendary Pokémon like Latios typically require special methods to catch them. They’re often available through restricted time occasions, raids, or special research tasks.

Method 1: Participating in Raid Battles

Watch out for Raids: Latios occasionally appears as a Legendary Raid Chief. Watch for in-game notifications or check local raid plans.

Team Up: Latios raids require a gathering of players to defeat it. Coordinate with individual trainers or join raid gatherings to increase your chances.

Prepare Your Team: Latios is weak to Dragon, Fairy, Dark, Apparition, Ice, and Bug-type moves. Prepare a team of Pokémon with these moves to battle really.

Method 2: Completing Special Research Tasks

Occasionally, special research tasks or occasions may offer Latios as a reward for completing explicit challenges or journeys. Watch out for in-game announcements or occasion details for such open doors.

Tips for Successfully Catching Latios

Golden Razz Berries: Utilize Golden Razz Berries to increase your chances of catching Latios after defeating it in a raid.

Curveball Tosses: Practice throwing curveballs for a superior chance of capturing Latios. Aim for “Phenomenal” tosses to maximize your catch rate.

Patience and Industriousness: Legendary Pokémon could require numerous attempts before being successfully caught. Try not to get discouraged on the off chance that you miss it the initial time.

Other Ways to Obtain Latios

Apart from raids and special research tasks, Niantic occasionally introduces occasions or features that could grant valuable chances to experience Latios. Watch out for announcements, occasions, or updates for any such conceivable outcomes.

How to Get Latios in a Pokémon Go


Catching Latios in Pokémon Go requires vigilance, teamwork, and dedication. Watch out for raids, participate in special occasions, and make the a large portion of your chances by preparing your team and using successful catching strategies to add this legendary Dragon/Clairvoyant Pokémon to your assortment.

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