Weird West: How to Search Mayor Weeks’ Basement

This article is about Weird West: How to Search Mayor Weeks’ Basement. During the “Abundance Hunter Journey” mission in Weird West, you will have a couple of decisions to gain to headway through the story. Subsequent to making a trip to Galen’s Crossing to get some information about your significant other, he will request that you go get the deed to a close by ranch he needs. Subsequent to talking with the proprietors of the homestead, they will advise you to search Mayor Weeks’ basement as opposed to taking their deed.

Weird West: How to Search Mayor Weeks' Basement

There are a couple of ways of finishing this mission, yet most will be extremely risky. You truly do have the decision of taking the deed forcibly, however the ranch will retaliate. The most ideal choice is to get back to Mayor Weeks to track down his basement.

Weird West: How to Search Mayor Weeks’ Basement

With the Cell Key close by, players ought to pass on the home and advance toward the structure nearby, which has a few green hindrances and barrels on its rooftop. There is a little room in one corner of this structure, and there is a secret entrance that prompts Weeks’ basement there. The place of the significant room should be visible in the accompanying picture, and fans should involve secrecy in Weird West to pass by the NPCs that watch close to its entry.

Where to track down Mayor Weeks’ basement

Observing the basement can be genuinely befuddling in light of the fact that it isn’t in the structure Mayor Weeks is remaining in. The basement can be found in the specialist’s structure situated in back left corner of the compound. The structure is untouchable so you should sneak in there and track down the secret entrance.

Where could Mayor Weeks’ Basement in Weird West be?

Mayor Weeks’ basement is available by bouncing down a secret entryway in the northwest structure in Galen’s Crossing compound. The northwest room in the structure contains a couple shelves and a secret entrance. You can get to this room by moving in through the window to try not to be gotten. Be careful, this is an intruding region, so you’ll need to ensure no one sees you. Any other way, you could have to go through the night in prison and pay a little fine.

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To arrive at the part in the Bounty Hunter fundamental journey where you go to Galen’s Crossing to meet Mayor Weeks, you’ll have to pay $300 at the relayograph representative in Grackle. This will allow you to interpret the letter you got in a past area, and it will direct you to the Mayor, proposing that he has dealings with the Stillwater Gang and their illegal exploitation activity.

When you arrive, you’ll have to fool the watchman into giving you access to the compound, and afterward you’ll have the option to follow him in to converse with Mayor Weeks. Getting some information about your better half will make him say he has data, yet he requests your assistance consequently. You can undermine him with force, yet he doesn’t treat the danger in a serious way since you’re dwarfed, and the adversaries in this space are a lot more elevated level.

Safe Combination

To observe the mix, you need to go to the underground sanctuary. The entry is around the rear of the house. You can either utilize three lockpicks or the homestead house key to open the entryway – a couple of individuals convey the ranch house key around, and there’s typically one in the stable.

Weird West: How to Search Mayor Weeks' Basement

Going to Brush Creek Farm

Go to Brush Creek Farm and enter the region to chat with the homestead proprietor, Hideki Saito. You’ll have the choice to either take the deed forcibly or to return to Galen’s Crossing and investigate the basement to get some soil on Mayor Glen Weeks and extort him utilizing that. Anything that you wind up picking will change how this game arrangement works out.

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