How to Find and Defeat the Frost Bot in Tower of Fantasy

Defeat the Frost Bot in Tower of Fantasy is a very perilous world manager you will experience in Tower of Fantasy. Defeating him is profoundly challenging as he represents probably the most strong assaults in the game. This Tower of Fantasy guide will go over where you can find and how to defeat Frost Bot in the most effective way conceivable.

You can find Frost Bot as far as possible north of Banges Omnium Tower, close to a little stream between the locale of Banges and Navia Bay. You can quick go to the closest spaceship and travel northwest to find Frost Bot.

Frost Bot is a level 35 world chief, meaning you should be at that level or above to get an opportunity to defeat him. All things considered, you can beat him at lower levels, yet with a gamble of getting a couple of shots to death with the majority of Frost Bot’s assaults. It’s incredibly tedious and grueling to solo him, so your initial move toward defeating him is to find other players.

You can find Frost Bot all the way north of Banges Omnium Tower, near a small river between the region of Banges and Navia Bay.

How to Find and Defeat the Frost Bot in Tower of Fantasy

Frost Bot is a robotic lobster-like foe in Tower of Fantasy that fills in as the World Boss of the district of Navia. Reach the Sun Station in Outer Wilds The province that makes the northernmost piece of Aesperia. Not at all like the scavanger it to some degree looks like. This manager needs legs, instead maneuvering about on a single wheel like the trackball of a mouse. Therefore, Frost Bot is equipped for dashing across its supervisor field in Tower of Fantasy. In spite of being a heavyweight machine.

As its name infers, Frost Bot has ice-pervaded capacities that can freeze soldiers, leaving them helpless against assaults. Moreover, it can utilize its frigid ability to make a safeguard of strong ice that is powerless to fire yet fills in major areas of strength for as against other harm types. Tower of Fantasy fans are prescribed to utilize Fire-type weaponry while battling Frost Bot to counter such capacities. Such combat hardware include SSRs like the Scythe of the Crow, Negating Cube, and Molton Shield V2. The fire bolts of the R-extraordinariness Composite Bow can likewise be possibly more powerful than other natural weaponry.

You can find Frost Bot all the way north of Banges Omnium Tower, near a small river between the region of Banges and Navia Bay.

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