Fortnite: How to Land 3 Times in a Single Match

Fortnite is rolling out its latest batch of week after week missions, giving players another arrangement of challenges to finish on the island in exchange for large amounts of XP. One of these journeys expects players to Land 3 Times in a Single Match three times within a single match. While it may seem like a tall request from the beginning, there are a variety of techniques Fortnite players can use on the map to rapidly and easily complete the journey.

Amazing Games’ massively popular allowed to-play battle royale title is in the last couple of long stretches of its Chapter 3 Season 3. Presently in the center of its latest hybrid, Fortnite is jam-packed with content from the Dragon Ball franchise, including journeys, modes, and four famous Dragon Ball character skins.

Consistently, Epic Games releases another arrangement of challenges for players to finish in their flagship battle royale. These deal XP as a reward for finish. One such week by week challenge introduced during week 11 expects you to Land 3 Times in a Single Match in Fortnite. This could seem like an undeniably challenging task, however in reality, this challenge is straightforward in the event that you know what to do.

We are inching nearer to the furthest limit of the season, and things are heating up in Fortnite. We saw the arrival of Dragon Ball Z characters as of late, and that has changed the meta Equip A New Ringout in MultiVersus. Along with the characters, players can utilize the famous Kamehameha move in the game as well, which has added a decent touch to it.

Fortnite: How to Land 3 Times in a Single Match

While most players may consider this mission’s order totally straightforward, Fortnite requires Glider redeployment to thought about a land. There are several ways that landing three times in a match can be achieved, with the most dependable technique being the utilization of the Reality Tree. The highlight of the Reality Falls POI in the western district of the island, the tree has a perpetual updraft to carry players into the air, triggering the sending of the Glider. Head to the top of the tree and/or use Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms to reach the canopy, and repeat the cycle.

Alternatively, players can use one of the ongoing Fortnite maps many Launch Pads. Infinitely reusable, the Launch Pads vault players high into the air, enabling players to convey their Land 3 Times in a Single Match. There are just two valid locations where the thing can be found, although each one has a lot of them to utilize. The principal concentrated Launch Pad location is Loot Lake, where five or placed around the POI’s eastern half are as well. The other is the sizable Rave Cave, where Launch Pads can be found at a huge number of elevations.

How To Get Into Free Fall and Land Thrice

Land 3 Times in a Single Match

The secret to completing this challenge is to utilize the various assets on the island which allow you to utilize the lightweight plane. While there are various choices, not all of them are easy to do in a single match. However, in the event that you Land 3 Times in a Single Match, you will actually want to finish the challenge without a very remarkable hassle. To start off, you really want to guarantee that you land on one of the Reality Branches. The reason for that will be that you want to utilize a Slurp Mushroom on one of these branches related to the wind blowing near the Reality Tree.

This will drive you high hanging out there and then, at that point, you can essentially utilize your lightweight plane to land at any location. However, to have the option to finish the challenge, you really want to do this threefold. The third can be achieved via landing near the spring just beyond the Reality Tree. Simply stand on the spring and you will be impelled up in the air in some time, giving you a chance to land for the third time.

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