How to Get the Golden Wave Island Token

This article is about How to get the Golden Wave Island Token. The Lost Ark is one of numerous such tokens that you can see as in the game. These things are truly important, in light of the fact that they help level up your personality. The issue is that each token expects you to accomplish something other than what’s expected on the island whose name the thing bears. Thus, you initially need to sort out where to track down Golden Wave Island, and afterward how you want to get the token. That is the reason we’ve composed this aide, in which we’ll cover both of those places.

How to Get the Golden Wave Island Token

The Golden Wave Island Token is accessible through a technique for RNG. To get this token, you want to visit Golden Wave Island and open up various chests found around the island. Every chest gets an opportunity to contain the Golden Wave Island Token.

How to get the Golden Wave Island Token

Enter the Island, and you’ll see a lot of chests situated around you on the minimap. You simply need to go to every one and open a chest. There’s additionally a Yellow Quest accessible on the Island, however it’s not important to finish to get the token.

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How to track down Golden Wave Island Token in Lost Ark

To get the Island Token in Lost Ark, you first need to get to the island. It’s in the quadrant right above Pleccia on the world guide; explicitly, we’re going to the small island southwest of the island of Arthetine. We’ve checked it for you in the screen captures beneath, just to keep away from any opportunity of disarray.

Island Quest

This Island’s purple mission is clear and expects you to circumvent the Island looking for things and awards 42,000 Silver, 7000 Pirate Coins, 7 Sea Voyage Coin Chests, 4 Card Packs, 8 Uncommon Battle Engraving plans, and 4 Uncommon Class Engraving plans. Assuming you get lost counsel your guide to view as the following goal. The every day mission here is additionally clear: open up boxes until you track down an adequate number of bits of interesting destruction. When you have sufficient visit the mission seller on the Island. Note that the mission indicator won’t refresh once you have sufficient destruction so watch out for your inventory.

Additional items

There are three sellers that can be found on this Island. They are a Life Skill tool shipper, the journey merchant, and an exchanger which will exchange an Archeology experience mixture for Uncommon extraordinariness relics. The journey seller sells hardly anything and is generally used to merchant the enormous measure of garbage that you will find while opening boxes. This Island is a nice spot to even out Archeology as the hubs respawn rather rapidly and there isn’t a great deal of room generally so you can make a trip from one hub to another rapidly.

How to get the Golden Wave Island Token

Una’s Task – A Stranded Ship

Each Una’s Task finish rewards 10. Whenever you have finished a specific number of Una’s Task, you might get specific prizes and you move onto the following level of remunerations.

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