How to Get Laptop Insurance in USA For International Students

The prospect of travelling abroad to study is exciting. However, as well as contemplating the new world of opportunities that could potentially open up to you, you’ll need to have a think about the admin too. One of the most important preparations you can make is to get the Laptop Insurance in USA For International Students. There’s a big student insurance market out there with various levels of coverage, so you’ll need to look at the variables, length of stay, country-specific rules and what activities you might need coverage for – for example if you are into extreme sports.

Laptops are expensive and it can be worth it to find the best laptop insurance to protect them, especially since they’re such an integral part of our daily lives. For instance, if you’re self-employed and rely on your laptop to perform work, your productivity would come to a complete standstill if something happened to it.

Be it students or professionals, a laptop is an integral part of their work. With everything going online, including meetings, the use of laptops has extensively Microsoft Surface Laptop 5. One of the main reasons for their popularity is the ease of portability which allows the owner to work from anywhere and anytime. With this flexibility, more and more people are switching from conventional desktops to laptops. For those who use them, it is used for things beyond work, and thus, it becomes an important part of their life.

Can Insurance be Taken for a Laptop?

If you want a single-word answer, it is yes. You can insure your laptop. Laptop Insurance in USA For International Students electronic equipment insurance. This policy covers the damage that can happen to the laptop due to one of the covered perils. The cost of repairs is paid by the insurance.

  • The next question that comes is that do you need laptop insurance. Let us list some of the main reasons why buying laptop insurance is advisable.
  • The policy will cover the damages which are not payable under the warranty of the laptop.
  • The sum insured is paid by the insurance company in case the laptop gets stolen, and this helps in buying a new one without financial strain.
  • The laptop can be repaired properly if it is damaged as the cost of repair is paid by the insurer.

What are the Inclusions of Laptop Insurance Policy?

The following perils are covered in the laptop insurance:

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Damages or cracks to the screen of the laptop
  • Laptop loss
  • Burglary or theft of the laptop
  • Accidental damage to the laptop
  • Loose part or faulty battery of the laptop
  • Seepage or liquid spillage causing damage to the laptop
  • Burn out of the LCD
  • Error or failure in the RAM
  • Hard drive crash of the laptop

What are the Exclusions of the Policy?

While the above perils are covered, and any loss to the Laptop Insurance in USA For International Students of these will be covered in the policy, there are some exclusions as well. The claim for these will not be payable and thus, knowing them is essential. Let us list some of them here:

  • Any damage caused to the laptop due to wilful negligence of any individual or the owner
  • Damages caused due to riots, war, terrorism, etc.
  • The natural wear and tear or depreciation of the laptop due to usage
  • Any pre-existing or manufacturing defects in the laptop before it was bought
  • Any damage caused to the laptop due to the climate
  • The insurance company does not pay for any regular maintenance charges for the laptop
  • Damage caused during repairing.

Laptop Insurance in USA For International Students

Health insurance for international students

When signing up for for health insurance it is important to declare any pre-existing conditions to avoid your insurance being voided, and to check if dental work is included. If dental work is not included, you should take out separate dental insurance. Health insurance fees will depend on age, of course, and there will be a lot of variation between providers. If you already have health insurance in your home country, check whether you can extend it to cover your stay abroad and what it covers.

Health insurance is mandatory for all non-US citizens Laptop Insurance in USA For International Students cannot register for classes without showing proof of it. Some US universities may have their own health insurance plans that students are required to sign up for. Sometimes the premiums will be too high or the coverage too limited, or no coverage offered at all, so students will need to take out a private insurance policy that meets the minimum requirements of where they are studying.


Laptops are expensive and very essential gadgets for most of us today. The damage and the subsequent repair are also not cheap and can leave a hole in the pocket. Depending on the warranty period, damages and repairs will be covered, but not all repairs are covered in this period. Thus, it is important to have a laptop insurance policy to pay for the repair cost. This ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT INSURANCE gives good coverage, and there is an option to take add-on coverage to make the policy more suitable. So if you have a laptop, a laptop insurance policy is a must-have.

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