Crisis Core Reunion Game Length

Crisis Core Reunion Game Length is a reimagined take on the spinoff prequel to Final Fantasy VII, and it features many of the same characters and locations. The original Crisis Core was an alternate style of game totally, ditching turn-based JRPG mechanics for a streamlined, solo action RPG affair. Crisis Core was a nice length for a portable game at the time however got some margin to beat compared to the average mainline Final Fantasy title. Reunion is a faithful remaster, so the length is generally the same as the PSP original. This guide will explain how long Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion takes to beat.

Set seven years before the occasions of the original Final Fantasy 7, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion places players in the shoes of Zack Fair. Zack is a younger individual from the world class fighting power known as Officer. From Zack’s perspective, fans can interact with famous characters like Sephiroth, Hojo, Tifa, and more.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion is a remaster of the original PSP game from 2007. Sunforged Mount in Final Fantasy XIV It features updated graphics and character models that make it look and feel more like a companion part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Whether one is playing as a fan of the original Final Fantasy 7 or the updated remakes, Crisis Core recounts to an unmissable story in the FF7 universe. How about we take a gander at how long Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion takes to beat.

crisis core reunion game length

How Long To Beat Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion

As a title that sits somewhere between a remake with updated models and a faithful remaster. Crisis Core has no additional substance and is scene-for-scene the same game that launched in 2007 on the PSP.

According to the data obtained on How Long To Beat, the average chance to finish Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is approximately 18 to 19 hours. For players looking to chip away along the edge missions without worrying about scoring 100% on everything. the game averages around 28 hours.

Is There A New Game Plus?

As stated above, there are missable and trouble related prizes, side substance, and more. and it’s a challenging task to find and finish all these goals in one playthrough. Thankfully, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion has a New Game Plus mode.

Like the NG+ feature in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It allows players to play again with Zack’s character level, gear, and DMW progress intact. This will make many challenging aspects of Crisis Core’s side substance and prizes more achievable in a moment playthrough. With the inclusion of achievements making NG+ more beneficial for many players. Crisis Core can potentially last dedicated fans as long as 100 hours.

All chapters in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion features 10 distinct chapters following a lengthy prologue grouping. This is the finished chapter list you will experience in Crisis Core Reunion.

  • Chapter 0 – Prologue
  • Chapter 1 – Embrace Your Dreams
  • Chapter 2 – Betrayal?
  • Chapter 3 – Monster
  • Chapter 4 – An Angel’s Dream
  • Chapter 5 – Where Are You?
  • Chapter 6 – Protect Your Honor
  • Chapter 7 – The End of Genesis?
  • Chapter 8 – Departure
  • Chapter 9 – See You Soon
  • Chapter 10 – Heroes

crisis core reunion game length

What is the story in the game Final Fantasy VII?

Final Fantasy VII is a story about a gathering of eco terrorists called Avalanche versus the malicious degenerate corporation SHINRA. Shinra is an eletric company, that suplies the city of Midgard with energy from Mako Reactors and avalanche is trying to obliterate them, because they accept the reactors are draining the existence of the planet.

Mako is the energy the exists in the planet. Feather Iron Ore in Final Fantasy XIV It’s a part of the Existence Stream, answerable for the circle of life in Gaia. Shinra drains Mako from the land. using it as eletric energy, Materia (crystalized mako), hereditary researches for Fighter and many other things.

Eventualy Avalanche finds out that Sephiroth, SHINRA’s greatest Fighter. Who they accepted to be dead, is as yet alive. Avalanche leave Midgard to seek after Sephiroth. On their excursion, Cloud (the main protagonist) recounts the story of Sephiroth. He was the greatest Fighter of all time (Trooper is SHINRA’s personal military unit of warriors infused with Mako Energy) and he went mad after finding out the reality of his origin.

Sephiroth figured out he was a hereditary trial using cells of an ancient alien creature that struk the planet as a meteor, many centurys ago, known as Jenova. And he wants to annihilate humanity to give the planet back to it’s rightfull proprietors. The Ancients. Ancients (Or Cetra) were a race of nomads with strange powers that are praticaly extinct. It’s accepted they know the way to the promissed land. A land pouring with Mako Energy.

How long is Final Fantasy VII?

The original FFVII could be bested in about 30 hours. Yet was better assuming you took a touch of time and played to around 50-60. To do many of the side journeys that sorted through the story a piece and gave you access to a portion of the additional interesting features. For example, the Chocobo breeding side-mission and gaining Knights of Round.

As for the new Remake, it could take 10 years to beat it.

What new gamers who haven’t played the original need to understand about what Square is doing with the remake is that they have said it will take place in installments. The first is completely set in Midgar. A vital location in the original. That’s accurate to the original story, as running around in the ghettos of Midgar. And blowing up reactors of the detestable Shinra corporation are extremely consistent with how it happened in the original game’s opening. Also, some dressing in drag.

In any case, what is telling to fans of the original is that that piece of the original game was exclusively about the initial 8 hours of a 50-60 hour game. Many of the key occasions that occurred in the original, like the death of Aeris. The summoning of Meteor, or the attack of the Weapons, don’t happen until a whole lot later.

All that said, grab some popcorn, it will be some time until those final credits roll.

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